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Scandal is a very popular television series. It is a political thriller that has a very high rating and attracts many viewers. It has a television series that has a cultic following from people within the generation y ages because of its themes of politics love and sex. The high ratings of the series coupled by the high viewership have made one of the most targeted series for commercials by corporations. Television commercials during the airing of a program prove very successful because it utilizes the audience of the show and the popularity of a show attracts many people. Generation Y are people born between the years 1980, and early 1990s and these are the young adults who are either single or have young families. They are also working and therefore have a level of financial capacity that many consumer companies target them. Some of the TV commercials that get aired during Scandal include those that take advantage of comparisons with other products by competitors in the market. Most of the viewers of the scandal are young and mature, and therefore, advertisements have to be realistic in order to capture their attention. Comparison commercials are f\good examples of commercials that air and those with valid claims attract a lot of customers. Commercial take advantage of the financial capacity of members of Generation Y and air commercial for different consumer goods as well as services for this generation. They may include; adverts on financial solutions such as a new banking method, a new product such as a new brand of alcoholic beverage. The commercials usually have to be unique to capture their attention because of their maturity and understanding.



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