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It took the people of Colorado by surprise on learning the news of two 11-year-old children that committed suicide within a week of each other. The story hit the news with many wondering whether it was a matter of coincidence or it was an epidemic. The children are said to have committed suicide following a bullying incident (Dicker, 2015). The 11-year-olds from Poudre School District in Larimer County, Colorado were a boy and a girl. The first victim was a girl that died from self-inflicted injuries after being allegedly bullied at schools and told to kill herself according to The second victim was a boy whose names have been withheld out of respect for the families involved. Colorado has a significant number of suicide-related deaths every year. It is ranked 7th among all the states in the United States regarding the suicide rates. The rate of teenage suicides is also on the rise (Dicker, 2015).

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s life. It is a result of an individual when they feel that they no longer can endure the suffering in the present or future pain. It is a lack of adaptation and lack of coping mechanisms and is a regression from the reality. The motives that underlie suicidal acts are numerous and complex in many situations. It is difficult and impossible to ascertain the causes of suicide with a degree of certainty unless if one is acquainted with the individual’s psychological evaluation at an intimate level. There are indications of social influences that lead to suicidal tendencies (Keith & Rebecca, 2012).

Suicide may result from depression among individuals. Depression is the most common reason to commit suicide. Severe depression usually accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that an escape from the pain is impossible. The individual feels hopeless, experiences a lot of pain in their existence, and may become severely depressed to put up with the pressures of life. The depression may instigate negative feelings and thoughts about others and themselves. They, therefore, do not experience e rational thought but have distorted ideas and therefore, the individual ought not to be blamed for attempting suicide (Keith & Rebecca, 2012). The depression that the children may have had because of mounting pressure and stress came with bullying at school. It means that the bullying existed and persisted for a long time making the children feel the need and urge to lift the pain they felt through taking their lives. Depression is treatable and therefore, there is a need to have a keen analysis and watch over our friends, children, and loved ones. It is because, in most cases depressed children, teens and adults suffer with it silently and may plan suicide without anyone ever knowing (Keith & Rebecca, 2012).

Another primary reason for suicide among the teenagers is if they are psychotic. Psychotic individuals may experience some compelling inner voices that command them to engage in self-destruction. It is harder to mask psychosis than is depression. It is, even more tragic in most cases. Psychosis is most attached to schizophrenia. There is a need to observe behavior changes in the children to identify any signs of psychosis or to talk to himself. The boy and the girl may have been suffering from psychosis and, therefore, the urge to commit suicide (Keith & Rebecca, 2012).

Suicide is also majorly caused by engagement in some behaviors such as drug abuse. The alcohol and drug abuse of the individual may lead to impulsive behavior. When a person is intoxicated on drugs, they may become maudlin and spontaneous and hence the attempt to end their lives from the slightest trigger that they get especially if it led to emotional and psychological distress (Keith & Rebecca, 2012). The boy and the girl may have been engaging in some form of alcohol and drug abuse that may have lead to the impulsive behavior that left them dead. Therefore, parents should be on the lookout for any form behavior changes that may be pointing to drug abuse. Moreover, there is a correlation between bullying at school and engagement in drug and substance abuse among the minors (Keith & Rebecca, 2012).

A majority of individuals that commit suicide or attempt suicide have no intention of dying but just need to be offered the necessary attention. They are intent to alert those around them that something is wrong or that they are going through a rough time and require support. Others engage in an act that endangers their life with the sole motive of hurting someone that has hurt them. Therefore, the children especially the girl may have been inflicted pain and suffering on her as a way of crying out for the parents or teachers on what she is going through as she was bullied (Keith & Rebecca, 2012). She could also be attempting to punish those that bullied her thinking that by her suffering it would lead to guilt and emotional sentiments among them. Moreover, the boy may have felt the guilt and a sense of personal responsibility towards the death of the girl if she took part or witnessed without helping her when she got bullied. He may have engaged in the suicidal act with the intention of punishing himself to lift the emotional and psychological pain he felt (Keith & Rebecca, 2012).

Suicide is because of emotional, physical and mental anguish and destitute. It may also be because of lack of adequate coping mechanisms to the social and physical pressures encountered in the environment. Suicide may also be a product of another mental health issue such as depression, psychosis and alcohol and substance abuse. Whatever the cause of suicide, it leads to further emotional and psychological suffering of those left behind and may result in more suicide within a family or social set up as the feelings of guilt and responsibility become apparent to an individual. Suicide is, therefore, a psychological phenomenon that causes substantial wounding among those left behind.  

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