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Throughout my life, I have experienced some measured degree and length of professional success and achievements that I hold dear. I must mention that I secured work opportunity or employment in a reputable firm in the country. In all aspects and fairness, working in any accounting firm of repute in the country is not a mean feat. As such, the prospects of a person working in any accounting company are difficult since employment chances and opportunities do not come by easily. Thus, the fact that I was lucky to secure an employment chance while I was still in college stands out to me as a commendable feat. Relatedly, upon my employment, I was placed on the receivables and payable section or department because of the career line and interests that I wanted to pursue. It is critical to note and mention that the receivables and payables unit or department is concerned with the appropriation of federal taxes such as the pay as you earn and other aspects of taxations. Thus, it resonated well with my career aspirations and intentions of majoring in taxation. The experience I achieved at the department was immeasurable and important in my quest to major in taxation both the academic arena and the professional sphere.  In the professional category, the experience exposed me to real life situation in the financial hegemony regarding how the state deducts taxes and other criterion considered in the process thereof. In the same line of thought and argument, it provided me with the opportunity to sharpen my academic curiosity and intuition or interest in the subject. Thus, it would be imperative to articulate that the work experience was beneficial in a double faceted approach concerning professional and academic impetus. 

Upon my graduation, I landed another job at a leading property management company that had better working prospects and conditions. This firm handled varied degrees of work situations or circumstances. In all aspects and fairness, working in such an expansive arena acquitted me with the expanded repertoire of professional acumen. It is to say that working in the two firms exposed me to varied or different working situations but in the same line of career interest that bordered on taxation. In al aspects and fairness, it is my modest and respectful assertion and point of view that I have considerable experience.

It has not escaped my attention that the irreducible baseline for admission into a Master’s Degree program is a GPA of 3.0. In all honesty, I obtained a GPA of 2.7 that falls some points below the mandatory requirement. I do not wish to offer excuses as to why my final undergraduate point score was lesser than the minimum requirement at Rutgers University. However, it is my respectful position and point of view that the reasons I will underscore below herein will give meaning and reason as to the circumstance is the way it is. To begin with, during my whole study period of the Undergraduate program I worked full time. This was because I come from a humble background and as such it would be imperative that I sought alternatives to ensure I made ends meet. Also, I had to strive harder to ensure that I support my family with the financial proceeds that I earned from the full-time work ventures. At the same time, I was a full-time student thereby increasing the workload I experienced two-fold. In the end, I was always under pressure from the intense workload of the work requirements and the demanding schedule of school work. Hence, the double stretch was too much for me to bear and I struggled to balance between the two important ventures and perspectives in my life. It would have been impractical and impossible for me to abandon one of the two because they were both important. Instinctively, the work schedule and school programs were mutually inclusive since I needed the funds or money to survive and support my family while the Undergraduate degree program is autonomously set by the school. A practical case and instance were during the last two semesters when I undertook between fifteen and eighteen credits. I cannot fully underscore or overemphasize the magnitude of such an academic workload, but it was a necessary undertaking, and as such, I had to cope and endure with it to the end.

During my last two semesters that I suffered depression, panic and anxiety attack due to the intensity of the workload I experienced. In the positive light, I managed to overcome the situation and brought the matter to rest where I raised the GPA score to 2.7 from a lower mark. As much as the situation was dire and intense, I overcame the odds and managed to control the psychological negativities that would have led to chronic or extensive depression. In the end, I learned to appreciate my resolve of overcoming the seemingly impossible odds or difficulties and controlled the situation to the current situation. At this juncture, it is imperative and critical to mention that one of my outstanding strengths is resilience in the face of any seemingly insurmountable odds or challenges. The fact that I went through Undergraduate program while I was doing full time employment speaks to the fact that resilience is one of my virtues.

On the other hand, I must admit that I have a weakness of putting the interests of other people before mine. For instance, I prioritized the family’s financial and emotional wellness or needs above my welfare. In the same line of thought and argument, I experienced depression and anxiety because I needed to see that my family was helped and got the very best under the circumstances. As such, I would articulate that I have the weakness of being overly concerned about the welfare of others such as my family over my private or personal endeavors. Intuitively, I have realized that I have to consider my welfare as a matter of priority and undertake this Master Degree at Rutgers University. It is not to say that I would selfish, insensitive or callous to the needs and situations of others. Instead, my welfare and immediate priority would be to go through Rutgers University and finish the Master Degree in Taxation over any other interests.

Summarily, I wish to reiterate that I have the wherewithal and the acumen to satisfactorily finish the Master Degree within the required time limits and schedules without fail. I have undergone a varied range of challenges and strenuous activities in the past and have grown to realize how to handle them in future. As such, I would be greatly honored to get the chance to prove my resilience. 

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