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Writing – articles, creative writing, SEO writing, Writing in various languages

Leadership skills – guide people, motivate friends and be a positive admirable example

Research Skills – qualitative and quantitative analytical skills

Engineering skills – designing, drawing and analysing

Writing is a noble skill that I have struggled to acquire for a long time. Reading enhances effective writing, as the best writers have knowledge on the topic. However, being an Arabic speaking individual, I struggle much to acquire high quality writing skills as an international student required to write in English. The construction of sentences (from ideas) with the best choice of words and arrangement of ideas in coherence is the biggest tasks in writing. These reluctant efforts disinterest me in this endeavour and kill my effort to acquire competent skills in either reading or writing. Over the years, I have increasingly lost the interest to acquire writing skills in any language.

Writing in various languages accounts to the highest achievements in life. Through writing, noble ideas reach people in various countries, not to mention of its impact on the past, present and future generations. Today, information is the most valuable intangible asset; reading and writing skills have made this possible. Although writing is inevitable for any student like me, for I have to write all my tests and assignment, it is difficult. I count much of its value for it enables communication, assessment and feedback.

Leadership in work stems from unwavering keenness to details, conscientiousness and organization in presentation. The primary goal is to make sure that each employee is trained and motivated to meet or exceed their personal baseline.

Use of different techniques of the survey provided a wider understanding of the research field. This proved to be an appropriate style to necessitate progress reports and thesis presentation. As a researcher, I had the ability to effectively solve problems. Besides, I was equipped with the ability to recognize and validate problems independently. Furthermore, I had composure to think creatively in line with the developed theoretical concepts. This enables the researcher to evaluate and assess relevant data and the required information to define the main reason of any problem and determine the best, suitable available, solution. During the survey, there was a serious need to use the project management skills. As such, successful application and conduction of effective project management through setting attainable research goals, which is attainable as, prioritize my research activity.

It also requires one to include information technology skills as well as analytical skills that will facilitate convenience in innovative approaches. Notwithstanding, the ability to plan and arrange the tasks in order of importance is essential in completing the complex tasks that mostly have deadlines while working under immense pressure. Incorporation of mechanical engineering and knowledge from other disciples ensures the ability to ensure careful analysis of detailed information. The ability to have competence in judging and accepting responsibility in completing tasks is essential. Ultimately, the ability to communicate with other team members within ones discipline and in working situations with other workers in the same department is necessary to complete the tasks.

A variety of personal character and skills are essential to secure mechanical engineering skills. A strong problem solving skill, creativity, and excellent communication skill will ensure invention and test of new designs. The skills that contribute to mechanical engineers development, like communication, creativity and correspondence with management and patent office staff are fundamental to attaining competency. The Automobile and aeronautics engineers need mechanical engineering skills and involve the discipline in assembling and troubleshooting exhaust systems. The manufacturing industry incorporates mechanical engineering concepts in the creation of industrial machinery with ergonomic design that ensure the safety. 

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