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Susan Milligan. Income Inequality Is the New Economic Issue. 2015. Print. Unemployment is an issue that is growing every day. This article outlines that income inequality is an emerging economic issue of the campaign season in the United States. The author mentioned that all the presidential candidates are spending their time addressing the issue in their speeches (Susan, 34). This problem appeared to affect the aspirants from Congress and the states level of the campaign.  The authors added that wealth inequality as widened along the different races and the root causes are the reduced bargaining power of the individuals.  Therefore, all the parties should advocate for a minimum wage increase to help low-income workers in the United States

Jacqueline Grimsley. Income Inequality as a Political Issue: Does it Matter?The University of Colorado. 2015. Print. Jacqueline provided that income distribution has been growing since the 1970s. The author posed blame to the income inequality in the United States for the voting behavior portrayed by different individuals. She used a report from the 2012 election to examine the attitude of the individuals that participated in voting and the way they translate the vote choice for the Congressional candidates (Jacqueline, 54).  The research found that most of the voters in the United States pose a negative attitude to the Congressional candidates because of the undermined level of poverty in most of the cities.

Bryce Edwards. Political roundup: The political problems of wealth and inequality. 2015. Print. Bryce Edwards did another significant research that focused on the increased shifts towards wealth inequality that affect the voting process in most of the countries. The article outlines that the wealth of a person depends on the amount of income received by different residents in an area (Bryce, 32). He explained that every person in the United States is either celebrating or condemning the super-rich individuals that are known to be selfish by other people. Moreover, income distribution determines issues like job growth, inequality, housing, the cost of living and the government returns to the budget surplus.

David Lauter. Income inequality emerges as a key issue in 2016 presidential campaign. 2016. Print. The major ideas outlined in this paper rely on the report from the Center for American Progress about the wealthy gap that exists among the different individuals in the United States (David, 43). The document outlined that globalized competition, changes in the technology that eliminated most of the low-skill jobs and the declining power of labor unions played a significant influence to the income distribution among the citizens. David believed that increased level of wealth inequality affects the people’s reactions to various candidates that aspiring for different seats in the country.

Andrew G, Lane K, & Yu-Sung Su. Income Inequality and Partisan Voting in the United States.Social Science Quarterly. 2010. Print. The major objective of this article is to determine the differences in the voting trend among the rich and the poor people (Andrew, 32).  The author of the article provided that there exist a sharp difference in partisan voting by income. The article outlines that people from the upper third of the income distribution participate in more than twenty percent of the presidential voters as opposed to the voters from lower income distribution. Therefore, rich people participate in voting process than the people living below the poverty line.

Christopher Faricy. The Politics of Income Inequality in the United States. 2016. Print. Christopher wrote this article to examine the role of political factors to the growth of income gap among the citizens as well as the effect of the income inequality on the American democracy (Christopher, 67).  The author of the article found that increased rate of income inequality among the citizens within a country affects the attitudes of the different people on issues like government spending, social welfare policies and other initiatives made by the government that increases the security of the economy. The article concludes that the United States should adopt the most appropriate type of income distribution to promote positive attitudes towards the government activities.

Sean Mcelwee. The Income Gap at the Polls: The rich aren’t megadonors. They’re also dominating the voting booth. 2015. Print. The article focused on the outcomes of the voting process in the United States whenever all the individuals in the country participated in the voting process (Sean, 42).  The author of the article believed that a large population of the United States fails to take part in voting because of various economic factors. Among these factors entails the variation in the income distribution in the country. He found that people that receive lower wages are the individuals that partially or entirely fail to participate in elections.

Linn S. and Nagler J. Economic Voting and Economic Inequality: US Presidential Elections 1952–2012. 2014. Print.  The authors commenced their arguments in this article by stating that the state of the national economy of the United States has a significant impact on both congressional and presidential elections (Linn, 32).  The authors explained that most of the people in the United States look at the level of the economic development in the country to determine whether the incumbent deserves the vote. Therefore, people living in areas whereby income is not evenly distributed may remain reluctant towards the voting process taking place in the country. They keep on blaming different parties for failing to provide an economy that positively contributes to the increase of their income. 

Aaron Carpenter. The Advantage of Wealth: How partisan success is affected by rising income inequality in the United States. 2016. Print.  Income inequality is an ideology within the United States that kept on growing since the Second World War.  The author of this article examined the idea contained in this statement using the congressional districts that existed between 2006 and 2010. The author came to a conclusion that income inequality tends to be a small explication to the Republican success (Aaron, 42).  Moreover, the article outlined that party affiliations in the United States have been divided into the class lines whereby the rich individuals offer a favor on the Republican candidates while most of the poor people show their favor on the Democrats. This situation shows that a particular party will always remain in leadership while the other will never administer its rule.

Remy Smith.Income Inequality and Its Effect on Political Inequality. 2015. Print. Most of the candidates in the United States seek assistance from different consultants and the campaign management to raise some amount of money that facilitate their attacks and convince potential voters (Remy, 43).  The article mentioned that income distribution plays a significant role in the creation of equal political opportunities for different candidates. Therefore, some of the candidates may be unable to meet the fundamental requirements of acquiring a particular seat in the government.  Adequate income distribution enables the citizens to understand the need for participating in various activities accomplished by the government and offer support to the different candidates.  It increases the willingness and the ability of the citizens to take part in the campaigns and the voting process.

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