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            The Roman Empire employed various architectural designs when building their cities and towns. Discoveries were as a result of high population densities and wealth in the roman cities. Roman Empire was able to construct various structures used by the use of varieties of materials and knowledge.  Great success was achieved in the kingdom. The chief concern for development and employment of various designs in various cities such as the pantheon was for the use in public functions as well as the impression.  The knowledge for development of various architectural designs was acquired from their forefathers and their neighbors. There are various reservations for the ancient designs and architectural developments in the ancient Roman Empire to date. These reservations have been the predominant source of motivation for various buildings used for public functions. It is mainly in the northern hemisphere. Pantheon building was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa when Augustus was in the reign. 

Design and Features

The building poses a circular shape with a large granite portico. There are two sets of four in the rear side while the front side consists of eight Corinthian columns.  The link between the porch and the rotunda is a vestibule that has a rectangular shape. Pantheon has been one of the greatest arts of architectural designs in the Roman Empire that has been preserved to date. The building has continuously been used in its history. Currently, the building has been dedicated to the Roman Catholic as a dedication to the martyrs and St. Mary.

In the interior volume of the pantheon is a cylinder with a dome sphere on the top.  The volume inside the cylinder can be carved b the sphere. This dome has a spread of 43.2 meters. It has lasted to be one of the greatest domes across the globe.  The height of this dome equals the height in the interior of the pantheon.  The dome has other unique features that have been made with divergent architectural designs making it appear magnificent. For instance, there are five rows of twenty-eight square coffers (Waddell 29). The rows are made of radiates that reduce in size from the oculus located at the center with a measurement of 29 feet at the summit of the dome.  The construction of the dome incorporates some rings that appear to be arranged in series. The rings are made of concrete with less density.  The rings have reduced thickness near the oculus to about 43.3m hence appearing to have been made using unique skills of architectural designs.  The dome contains some hidden voids and some recesses in the inner side making the construction appear horror shaped.  It hence can serve as continuous arcades other than a solid mass.  The features in the dome have been constructed with numerous designs that make them appear more unique from each other. The designs also make the dome be a unique feature of the pantheon with reference to other features of this construction.

 The primary intention of Hadrian the architect was to make the pantheon look like a Greek temple use the design of Hellenic architecture. The pantheon was intricate than anything that Romans had ever seen due to its uniqueness (Nozedar 54). In the history, construction of rounded buildings was challenging, and most architecture did not consider them. It is an indication of how the Pantheon architect designs must have been unique at the time. The architect was able to make the dome large than the and hence formed a sphere that could fit the interior space. He designs used for construction of the interior features made the inside part of the pantheon more magnificent than the exterior portions.  Though the designs were borrowed from the Greek domes that were used for the purpose of burials, numerous adjustments were made so that the Pantheon could resemble something different. The adjustments were made in manners that suited the designs that were used to construct divergent features of the Pantheon.

            The greatest achievements of architectural design in the Pantheon were as a result of the huge weight of the dome. The engineers who built the dome were able to lighten by reducing is thickness and selecting materials that would reduce the weight.  The construction of the columns shows the great achievements that were used in building the Pantheon.  There are other features that show various designs that architects used during the time of construction.


             In conclusion, the Pantheon has been one ancient construction seen to reflect the rich architectural designs that Roman Empire used.  It has been a tool of reference in the construction of many buildings across the globe.  Divergent features of Pantheon uses different designs that make the whole construction rich in architect designs. The dome is one of the features that remain amazing to many due to the manner in which it fit the inner space and the shape. It takes considering that round shapes difficult to construct in the past.  Pantheon is hence a construction that many architects can learn from while designing.





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