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According to chapter 29, sections 54.1 – 2903 of the Virginia code, an individual who practices medicine has to publicly engage in the discipline; utilizing titles like doctor before their names or any other captions related to the profession (Law, 2017). However, healing specialists, who wish to advertise their services, need to be specific with their initials; for example, a dentist cannot simply publicize their services as Dr. Xavier. Dr. Xavier is a vague representation of what the specialist does and likewise, it is prohibited by the Virginia code. Instead, the healing specialist should be more specific: Dr. Xavier, D.M.D. Because sections 54.1 – 2903 highlight what makes up a medical practice, it only contains one cite which acts as a guide for practicing doctors.

            The other law contained in this section asserts authority through the signing of medical related documents. Anyone who signs another person’s medical documents (for example, death or birth certificates and prescriptions) acts within their professional authority and such documents can be used as proof for practicing medicine. The only limitation to this rule arises when it is a requirement for a non-medical staff to sign the documents – in this case, the signed papers cannot be used to explain what constitutes a medical practice.  

            In conclusion, Chapter 29, sections 54.1 – 2903 of the Virginia code explains the guidelines for the practice of medicine within the state. According to the law, any practicing doctor must use initials like Dr. to show their clients that they belong to the profession. Additionally, since there are different types of doctors, medical professional have to indicate their area of specialty on their names. Another proof of practice is the signing of medical documents by the doctor in charge. Without these laws, healthcare would be in total anarchy – the Virginia code gives direction to medical professionals within the state.  

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