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Introduction Adele is a well-known musician in the world. Her music is always appealing to her fans and listeners making her both famous and popular at the same time. Her strong and ambitious vocal strength makes her very unique among other mu...Read More

~Posted on Mar 2018


Introduction Adele is a well-known musician in...


Adele is a well-known musician in the world. Her music is always appealing to her fans and listeners making her both famous and popular at the same time. Her strong and ambitious vocal strength makes her very unique among other musicians both locally and internationally, this is because her voice is unique and is able to pass across the message she intends to (Tieck, 2013).

Her voice type is ‘mezzo-soprano’. She uses her voice well in her songs to be able to express herself efficiently in her songs. Her voice has two octaves and three notes which is summarized as c3-f5. Adele has a balanced head voice. It is a positive trait that she is gifted with and uses it to produce intriguing songs which always leave her fans demanding for me. She professionally alters her tone to create different timbres in her songs (Adele & Norey). These different timbres are able to outline and express different levels of power and different types of emotions as high pitches often symbolize strong times and low pitches symbolize weak periods.

Adele was born 5’Th May 1988. She started her career immediately after completing her college education. She was studying at Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology. Among her last days in school, they were doing a project with her friends. One of her friends posted a record on ‘My Space’ in 2006. In the same year XL recordings, gave her a recording contract where her career began. Adele has been able to emulate her role models such as, listen to the words of her directors and producers (Adele & Boritz, Adele, 2012). This usually makes the production of her music easy to produce, easy to release and make almost all her fans happy and contented with what she gives them to listen to. One year after her career commenced, in 2007, she was won the Brit awards ‘critics’ choice’. Many people I Britain wanted to know her type of music as they felt it was new, relevant and appealing. She addresses current issues in her song, especially the pain and agony people face in relationships. She is able to pass the message as well as entertain listeners in her music (Adele & Boritz, Adele, 2012). She later produced an album called ‘19’, in 2008, which composed of many songs, entered the British charts and topped as number one. In that year, she made a historical breakthrough, winning so many awards in the same year. She was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Prize award for her album, 19, won an ‘Urban Music Award’ for the ‘Best Jazz Act’, received a ‘Q Awards’ nomination in the category of ‘Breakthrough Act’ and a ‘Music of Black Origin’ nomination in the category of ‘Best UK Female’ artist. In 2009, she received the award for Best New Artist, at the 51’st Grammy Awards, held annually (Tieck, 2013). At the 59’Th Annual Grammy Awards, she won all five of her nominations. This was a very big achievement for a British female artist competing against many popular American artists. Adele has covered over five world tours visiting different nations, sharing her music to her fans, mentoring and inspiring young and upcoming artists in different regions.


She has adversely used her degree in her career. This is because as she was studying music she learnt a lot about setting, equalizing, altering and balancing tones in her music. She learnt about music recording, production and management (Hadlock, 2011). This enables her to actively participate in the management roles of her music as she is the one who knows what her fans want, where they are as well as their suggestions. Actively participating in her management as young as she is enables her to know her areas of strengths and weaknesses. This way she is able to work on her weaknesses and improve on her strengths. Using the skills she got as she was acquiring her degree, she is able to make herself a better musician every day in her career in the very competitive music industry.

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