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To: Alexander []

From: Lithium []

Subject: staff attendance and cooperation.


Dear Sir,

Hello sir, I hope that you are fine since the last meeting we held with our staff member as we have not got in touch since then. I assume you took the comments and the suggestions made by both the staff members and the subordinate staff positively although most of them were not pleasing. The meeting has made me be concerned with you, and that’s why I am writing this to you.

I personally never had any other interactions with the employees nor the support stuff before, so their response took me by surprise just as they did to you. First, I would like to comment about the attendance of the staff; it was not as punctual as I had expected since they were meeting with their leader. In a successful company, punctuality is essential and therefore I plead with you to set up rules for any meeting that will be held in future. All members should have silently sat down before your arrival. This will give them a chance of noticing and feeling your presence as the manager when you make you appearance.

Secondly, the etiquette that was portrayed by most of the members who attended the meeting was not as pleasing as one would expect from such a big company. The staff members were airing their issues and suggestions anyhow as if they did not recognize your presence. I could tell from the look on your face that you were agitated by this although you did not react. It is always rude to be strict to your workers, but sometimes it is justifiable and helpful. As the senior most people present at the table, it is right to order for silence. Meanwhile, I will urge you to hire a training team that will take the stuff through the meaning and use of etiquette in meetings. A discussion can only be effective if the members could give each other uninterrupted time to talk, not to make calls when the meeting is on, not to talk when the boss is addressing an issue or even making sounds and murmuring after a person has given their view on an issue.

Lastly, I noticed that not everybody in the meeting was in their correct uniform. This is a sign of irresponsibility as it is properly dictated by the rules of the workers that every person should be in their uniform on daily basis. Most of the drivers and the cooks did not have their suits on. If they can afford to be dressed casually in a meeting in your presence, you can guess what they wear when you are not around. I am not creating a fuss out of the meeting anyway; my intentions are to give you my view on the running of things in your company. Wearing uniforms shows that they are disciplined and responsible to their duties just as expected to meet the objectives of the company accordingly.

I, therefore, urge you to look things in my perspective and by so doing; change is needed in the way of doing things to meet our target as we stated earlier. I would be grateful if you could try and squeeze me in your schedule of which am quite sure is tight so that we can discuss more on the solution. It is with my utmost sincerity and honor that I thought that informing you this will have a positive impact on the company. I hope that you will consider my views and take them positively too.



Tom Lithium

Executive Director








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