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It is true that indeed, human beings can behave like a rotten watermelon. In that, they can nice and good on the outside, but once you cut it open you realized it was the complete opposite. The assumption was concretely influenced during my educational period. I had a friend with whom my full trust was laid. Of course, he was handsome, and that influenced my confidence in him. No one knew we could be seen apart. Not even my parents could influence my decision of loving him. He was one of a kind, and he always promised that we would make a family together. He kept on saying that he awaits the day I would give him a son that looks exactly like me. I was the only thing that could make him happy. Loving me back is was he kept on promising. In fact, I can concretely recall one day seeing him shedding tears of joy with me in his arm. What a wonderful college life it was? I could not wait for the day we would be together with him. And never imagined that anything like a disappointment would create such a hatred like the one we currently share. It is of course, evident that those we trust and care of can at times turn out to be the craziest people we have never imagined.

            I could at times seat down and meditate how effective could my effort show him how he has ruined my emotional life. He came from a very humble background. He was the son of a peasant. My parents were well off. My father was an accountant in one of the prominent financial institutions within the country. My mother was a nurse. I could afford anything I wanted. In fact, I did not qualify to be at the university. However, given my financial background, my father bribed the head teacher for my existence at the college. Given the financial position of my background, most men feared me. My mother also used to advise me concerning the college life and how dangerous men could be at times. The advice kept intact in my brain until I met him. As already mentioned, he was a very humble man. One could imagine a pastor speaking during our school debate. He was such a polite man that teachers wondered how he would cope with the frustrating life after school. Such abnormal qualities are all that attracted me to love him.

            The realities of life can never be judged, they are natural. That is how the bitter part of him stayed stuck in his own heart. I neglected my mother’s advice and fell in love with him. I wish I knew. All began falling apart when he graduated into a higher class than me. His life started changing when he was regarded as the best performing student in a given mathematical context nationally. He was offered a position in one of the best companies in the country. He earned something that could change his life within a month. Of course, he went to class and study at the same time. His attitude started changing with time. I noticed the change in his mood but rejected my instinct because of the love I had for him. He could not come home as he used to do. All excuses were based on the nature of his work. Indeed, any other woman deeply in love with a man would believe such excuses, and I was a victim, not knowing that I was being fooled.

We use to stay in a premise outside the school compound. We used to go to school together. Immediately, things began to change with time. We could not go to school together anymore. He remained back attending to some unaccomplished assignments. Things went on in such a manner until it concretely came to my attention that he had another woman from his working place. He could pass through the woman’s place before he came into my house. As a result, he could get as late as twelve in the midnight before he could come back home. Because I loved him too much, any excuse he gave could confidently work. His attention towards my personal needs started deteriorating. I could not believe any advice on that because my father used to complain that he was tired and needed a result after work. So, I believed that he was too tired to rest, and could not bother him on such issues.

One day his phone rung, and unusually, he could not receive the phone in the house. I requested to know what was going on. I demanded that I wanted to know what could be the matter on his phone that he could not receive the phone calls within the house. It was there that I came to acknowledge that indeed, human beings can behave like a rotten watermelon. In that, they can nice and good on the outside, but once you cut it open you realized it was the complete opposite. He replied that I did not have any authority over his life and I should leave him alone. His response was engaged in such a manner that the entire scene turned chaotic. It was here that he told me how much he had always hated and never had a chance to tell me because of the financial assistance I offered him. For that matter, he packed all his belongings and went to his current lover.   


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