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The Yorkshire Terriers are lovely pets. Owning a Yorkie comes with tremendous benefits, mental, physical and emotional. Despite their small size they have significant impacts as family dogs and are very intelligent. Yorkies strive well with people companionship and are highly adaptable.

The Yorkshire Terriers are relatively small in size, which makes them ideal home pets, especially to the dog owners who live in apartments in the city. When you have a Yorkshire, you don't need to fret about space being too constraining to your dog. Their size permits them to fit and be comfortable in all space sizes. Additionally, their small size comes with easy portability; you can carry your Yorkshire and go with it to any place. The fact about small dogs eating small amounts of food comes in handy when you have a Yorkie as a pet; you will have lower food bills.

The Yorkshire Terriers are devoted companions are very loving. Their loyalty remains fierce at all times. The seniors love owning a Yorkie since they are very adorable and can be easily carried around and managed. Families who own Yorkies, praise the dog for its entrainments stunts, cuteness and being cuddly. The Yorkshires show more affection towards their family members. They have a longer lifespan, energetic, highly adaptive and lively. Their physical and emotional attachment to their owner(s) is something to die for, offering a very satisfying experience.

The exotic coat found on a Yorkshire Terrie is one of a kind, found in a few breeds of dogs. The skin is gorgeous and shows the colorful look of the Yorkie. Walking with a Yorkie down the street in your hands, many passersby will turn to stare at the silky smooth coat that represents the semblance of ultimate luxury. This is why the wealthy people love Yorkies as a worthy household showpiece. With a well-proportioned body that is neat and compact, the Yorkshire is an owner's joyous possession.

If you have allergies to dogs, but would still want to own a dog, then the Yorkie will be the best dog for you. The Yorkshire, unlike other dog breeds, has a hypoallergenic coat; this means owners do not worry irritants which can include allergies. However, no pet can be deemed to be 100% allergy free. The Yorkie experiences minimal shedding, which is safe for owners who are vulnerable to allergies and asthma.

Many would expect The Yorkie not to be a watchdog because of his small size; well the Yorkie is known to be the best watchdog breeds. However, being a watchdog doesn't mean it's a guard dog. They are bold, and despite their size, they have the mentality of a big dog. In case of danger, a Yorkie will quickly stand to safeguard the property and life of his family. One of the admirable traits of this watchdog is that it's very protective of his owner(s), has an acute sense of hearing and highly possessive. With the slightest hint of someone strange, The Yorkie alerts his owner.

Their small size seems to have many advantages. They do not require exercise; they are very comfortable even when they don’t get vigorous or long workouts. Frequent physical activities while in the house are enough workouts for keeping the Yorkshire in shape. Another reason why it’s a favorite dog among the seniors, a stroll to the nearby store or the garden is enough for the tiny Yorkie to be physically fit.

The Yorkshire is a budget dog requiring very minimal care expenses. They also eat a minimum amount of food. The bills at the Vet are also very low. They are very clean even though they have long hair. Hence they require less grooming sessions. Unlike other dog breeds, they shy away from digging around and chewing unlike the Doxies and Rotties. They won't drool like Great Danes. They are brilliant and respond swiftly to human instruction. Hence it's easy to train them.

Yorkshire has loving, affectionate and friendly nature; hence having one will brighten your life, helping you to get rid of any emotional or physical stress. It's also a perfect gift to get a senior member of the family. Another advantage of the Yorkshire to an older person is that Yorkies are perfect therapy dogs (especially for people dealing with social withdrawal and hypertension). 

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