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The Hebrews and their view of God is an aspect that has been around for many years. Abrahamic religions have had great influences in the world and their similarities in terms of religious traditions, culture and law provide historical backgrounds of their relationship with God. Christianity is a religion that developed from these traditions and belief and has grown to be one of the most influential religion that has become the heart of western civilization. The history of the religion dates back to the lives of Hebrews in Canaan, away from it and back. Their relationship with God has greatly evolved over the years from idol worship and consideration of more than one god to a monotheistic way of worship where they believe in only one God. The assessment of the lives of the Hebrews is important to understanding the lives and characteristics of Christianity. This essay will, therefore, explore various aspects of the Hebrew history, culture, tradition and relationship with God and compare it with that of Christians.

This chapter provides a factual account of the history of Hebrews. It bases its argument on the history of a nation such as Egypt, where there is little to no account of Hebrews as slaves to Egypt. Archeological accounts also show to aspects of Hebrew settlement around Sinai. These some of the instances that the chapter tries to provide a factual understanding of the Hebrews. Despite the above, the chapter is effective in providing the detailed information about the movement of the Hebrews between Egypt and Canaan which is the present day Palestine. Their history is characterized by a lot of challenges associated with the conquest by other nation such as the Babylonians and the Persians. This conquest all challenged their faith and relation with God, but the Hebrew were very stern in their beliefs and dedication to God. The religious resilience gave rise to the development of religious texts, codes, and traditions that form a basis of Christian faith. An example is the Torah which is part of the Old Testament and are books that are associated with teachings of the Law of God.

The book's objective is more focused on the description of the lives of Hebrews in relation to their beliefs and relation with God. This description is one that tries to put forwards the important of their beliefs in God and comparison with other gods especially the ones believed by people from the East. The chapter finds these gods, less superior and with more weaknesses like those of men. The chapter also tries to describe the portrayal of historical events by the old testaments as mere convictions rather than fact. However, the Christian view of God as described by the Old Testament is one associated with transcendence above all things that exist.

The texts were very effective in providing new information about Hebrews. However, some of the information it provides has the ability to challenge the person’s faith. One of the instances is the assessment of the lack of actual evidence of Hebrews moving from Canaan to Egypt for new opportunities because of Drought. According to the chapter, there is no evidence for the history of Egypt of Hebrews living there as slaves. The textbook also expresses the lack of archeological evidence that shows the settlement of Hebrews at Mt Sinai. All these are some of the information that the text provides which can greatly challenge a person faith in Christianity and God.

The textbook is very effective in proving information on the relationship between Hebrews and Christians. It shows how the relationship between Hebrews and God developed over the years to become very solidified and strong. Despite the many challenges that Hebrews faced as a result of their turning back on God, their faith has been resilient and strong for the most part.




Marvin Perry, M. J. (2012). The Hebrews: A new view of God and the individual. In Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society. Cengage Learning.



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