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1.    The discussion by Crystal Rembert analyses the cross cultural ability of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ did understand that the world was divided and multicultural, however, based on his teachings, he encouraged all people to be of one race. Jesus Christ saw the differences that existed in the society and how these differences alienated different cultures from each other, however, he preached love and unity. He also took the effort and try to understand aspects of each culture and in doing so he managed to teach people from different culture his gospel in a manner that is acceptable and they could adhere. He always had specific ways of teaching based on the cultural characteristics of each group. This shows that he understands the important of culture and knew that despite the differences, they were all his children. The discussion explores the efforts that Christ made in ensuring that his gospel is accepted in all cultures. Many people use differences as sources of conflict and discrimination and it is true to say that humans are always inclined towards those they are likened to and away from these they have differences with. However, the gospel of Jesus Christ is beyond such boundaries and brings all together as children of god.

2.    According to Jessica Owens discussion, all humans were made in the image of God, and this means to God we are all equal. Humans have however developed differences that can be said to be earthly but what truly matters is what is right before God. For many years people have put a lot of focus and time on matters that do not really matter in the eyes of God, and this has had the effect of creating divisions between men and has distanced them from God. Cultural differences are the number one sources of the world of today and have become great sources of sin. The conflicts they have creates\d have led to great discrimination, genocides, and wars. People have forgotten the word of God, and this has made people lose favor in the eyes of God. Jesus Christ came to save mankind by teaching them about God and His love for all humanity. His teachings cut across all cultural barriers to bring all mankind together as one race that is equal in the eyes of God. Political correctness has been an aspect that people focus on instead of the actual truth in the eyes of God, and this has forced people to please humankind instead of pleasing and loving God.


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