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In my opinion, schools need to exercise voting right by ensuring they fully perform public opinion in diverse instances. In our context of sitting arrangement John Dewey emphasized on the consideration of student opinion so as to create cohesion and good learning environment (Dewey 1938). Efficient communication among the student teachers and other initiatives brings accountability in the policies they adopt. John Dewy stressed on various aspect such as self action. This is a concept that regarded to human being, animals possessing power of their own which initiates their actions. It promotes the ideology of seat arrangement and façade of the class will be done with respect to stakeholder demands who are likely to be teachers and students. Another concept he overemphasized was about the virtue of transaction. It is where modes of descriptions and naming are applied to deal with multiple aspects and phase of action regardless independent entities.

      He also emphasized on the interaction concept. This factor would help in the sitting arrangement as well as class appearance due to its impact on decision role .It influences through promotion cohesive environment in the study environment. I believe in Dewey’s opinion on the aspects   he stresses about the schools. The stakeholders should have full freedom to make important decisions that affect the learning activities in regard to their demands for institutions to be effective.

Teaching Methods:As a teacher, I would employ teaching methods that could be effective to students. The methods should consider the issues of discipline among the students, perceptions that students have towards me and the needs of each student in the class. To have good practices of teaching, I will be friendly to my student to develop strong relationships with them. It will enhance good communication and understanding to what I offer to the students in the class.  I will also give my student freedom of expression in the class so as to create cohesion between us.  My students will have the freedom to ask questions and give their opinions to matters that affect them in the class.

            As a teacher, there is a need to have a good mastery of information that in order to give my students the best answers to any question s that may arise. I will do the best to seek the correlation that exists between the subject and the modern occurrence to offer their student the best concepts that bind them to the world. For example, during the social studies I would encourage the students to explore the diversity within the class population so that they can better understand the subject. I have embraced the use of psychology to reach my students. This has helped me to understand the needs of every student in the classroom. Proper evaluation of the class and curriculum adjustments will enable the students to better understand the concepts given to them by the teacher. I use more than the text book for teaching. I should ensure that students are engaged in conversations and projects that will give them real application for what they learn in the class. As a teacher in science subjects I engage my students in many experimental works and practical where they can learn and apply the basics that I teach them. It opens up the minds of my students to have a wide scope of things.

            Enhancement of proper relationship with my students by closely monitoring their excellence in all fields has built up trust for my students in me. My concern to students is mainly based on their conduct and mental development to enable them develops ideas and strategies in life.

Class Arrangement:The arrangement will be based on the performance of the students. Students who record poor performance in their exams are to sit with well performing students who can offer them help in their weak areas.  Class arrangement has also considered other factors such as students’ personal defects to ensure that those with special needs are catered for. For example, some of the students may have hearing and eye sight problems and, therefore, are positioned close to the teaching point in the class. This has given them an easier time in their studies since they do not strain to see or listen as I teach.

            During the class arrangement, my desk as a teacher should always remain at the front to enable me   has regular check on the students. Primary grade teaching should provide the students with opportunities where they can group up in circles or even rows. I also ensure that my students are allowed to move out of their desks to burn the excess energy. Students in the upper grades should be arranged in rows but should however, be allowed to group up at times. Classrooms should have paths that will allow me to move from the front to the back for proper control of the students. Creation of a good environment in the classroom should put décor position into consideration. The bulletin boards should be appealing to the students by having engaging and attractive colors to students. I should give my students the chance to voice their opinions to whatever should be posted on the décor. The classroom walls should be utilized for fun quotes, educational materials and putting of multi-cultural posters.

Professional Code of Conduct:As teachers, I should enhance professional code of conducts in the classroom. Equal treatment of my students irrespective of gender, ethnic backgrounds and cultural practices are the core ethical practices I have embraced in my profession of teaching. All students in the classroom should enjoy equal benefits and have equal rights to voice their opinions. Students   should also be given equal privileges regardless of their economic background. I also respect the diversity of my students by showing them they are equally important and no one is better than the other. I have developed strategies where my students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds can discuss their opinions together and interact to boost their relationships. My class has also developed a forum where students can discuss the adverse effects resulting from tribalism and racial discrimination. I  also encourage the share of ideas with regard to the students’ backgrounds on the basis of ethnicity and cultures as a way of showing them that all cultures are equally important.  

My main role is to offer my students guidance in their academics and also share the life experience to motivate them. I teach my students’ different facts and skills important in future life. I also guide the students for better social developments.

            In conclusion, I have always read many books and arts of writing where I learn new ideas and skills in my career. I have also accepted my students to challenge me with questions as and ideas of what is familiar them.  This has always given me the chance to find out more about the ideas of my students and I have always met myself learning things that are new each day. I have also been able to share my experience with others in my profession so as to come up with new ways that have resulted in success to others. This has always made me a long-life learner as it has given me desire to know new things each day.

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