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Integrated Marketing: Jewelry Bloggers

The success of such blogs also depends on how reliable they are to customers and therefore, these blogs have to do a lot of work in developing effective campaigns that would compel people to visit their sites and receive information about jewelry...Integrated-Marketing:-Jewelry-Bloggers …

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Book review Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, by John Barry

Form A review of the book, Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America, by John Barry  It is a five hundred and twenty four page book written by John M. Barry and is about the floods event of the year 192...Book-review-Rising-Tide:-The-Great-Mississippi-Flood-of-1927-and-How-it-Changed-America,-by-John-Barry …

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Gospel Presentation

CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE    Background George Carlin was a well-known comedian from American he was a great social critic and was well known for his subjects against religion. He is among many people who lack belief in religion. H...Gospel-Presentation …

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Deontological Ethics

Deontological ethics is a philosophy of ethics that is mainly associated with a focus on the nature of an action. It is a term best describe hand in hand with consequentialism whereby the in the latter the outcomes of the action are focused more ...Deontological-Ethics …

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Incarceration rates of African Americans compared to Incarceration rates of other ethnic groups

INCARCERATION OF AFRICAN AMERICANS   Facts show that the numbers incarcerations have greatly increased since the 1980s with the United States having the greatest number of people incarcerated anywhere in the world. It has an estimated t...Incarceration-rates-of-African-Americans-compared-to-Incarceration-rates-of-other-ethnic-groups …

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Style and film making relating to fantasy of Matt and Ross Duffer

FANTASY FILMS Fantasy films differ from scientific films because in the former there is some form of scientific truth in then. Fantasy films are based on aspects of magic, mythology and supernatural events that do not exist in reality. They ha...Style-and-film-making-relating-to-fantasy-of-Matt-and-Ross-Duffer- …

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