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Death is a part of life that occurs naturally, and humans face this period at one point. There are two ways a person can deal with the issue of death. One can choose to confront the predicament of their death, or they can ignore this fact. When one chooses to confront the issue of death, they need to have a clear mind while thinking about it; they can also try to reduce the suffering that comes as a result of death. From my point of view, death is a normal process that follows the stages of life including birth, growing old and dying. When someone dies, they can either be cremated as per Hindu or Muslim belief or buried as per the Christian belief (Irish et al. 3). Either way, the memory of a deceased person takes time to leave the minds of the beloved family and friends.

When I die, I would prefer cremation because it is an easy process that will ensure my family and friends spend less towards my burial plans and also spend less time during the grieving process. Since death marks the beginning of a new life and an end to the body that humans inhabit on earth. I believe cremation would be most suitable option to consider. My body has become irrelevant but my spirit continues to remain, and it will become attached to a new body in another life. Additionally, the cost of cremation, as well as the process of cremation, is less complex, unlike burial preparations where finances are spent on purchasing various items including clothes, caskets, hearse, and location to bury the deceased.

            Families do big ceremonies and invite people from every part of the world to see their relative and friends rest. On the contrary, I would want my burial ceremony to be private and the close family and friends to be in attendance. I am an introvert in life, and I would prefer my burial ceremony to be attended by people who meant something in my life rather than invite a crowd of people who have no clue about anything in my life. Cremation makes this process easier, it only requires a small ceremony where the preacher and close acquaintances make their final remarks, and then the body is directed into the chamber where it becomes cremated. On top of becoming an introvert, I would prefer cremation over burial due to ethical reasons. Burying an individual requires one to purchase the coffin, which is mostly made of wood. Timber comes from cutting down of trees, and in the long run devastating environmental effects. I would not like my death to be a contributing factor towards climate change. Therefore, I would prefer cremation over burial to avoid destroying the environment.

When I die and undergo incineration, my family can either chose to preserve the ashes or let them be blown away by the winds. Most of my family members cope with death differently but the majority of them would choose to ignore the dying process, and few will choose to confront the process. Burying my body might create a situation whereby it will be difficult for some members to cope with the idea of death and dying. In the end, I would not want my death to have any long term effect towards my extended family as well as my immediate family. I would want them to keep my spirit alive but also continue with their normal lives.



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