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The three selected topics were not limited to the self-concept, social cognition, and social influence research studies. What motivated the choice of the topics is the ultimate anticipation of the negative influence of technology on human behavior and mental process. Self-concept study is where an individual’s emotions and deeds covered in perfectionistic expectations. The study found that the majority of populations impose on themselves the burden of demands (Nevid, 2011).

Nonetheless, they are blind to the fact that acquiring a perfectionistic status requires emotional maturity and patience. Without achieving their demands leads to withdrawal from life challenges lowering their ultimate esteems.  The study proposes a well thought out personal expectations based on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses a reality to the dynamic world (Nevid, 2011).  Christians who recognize this problem shift their focus to God to seek for solutions to their worries.

 The second topic included social cognition. Social cognition challenges the need for constant approval, i.e., an individual tends to always receive social ratings within and without. Ellis & Ellis (2011) propose that an exaggerated need for social approval is a perquisite for lowered self-esteem. He urges the readers to substitute irrational needs with the ultimate approval with rational ones (Nevid, 2011). The Bible, on the contrary, encourages self-love regardless of external influence.

 Finally, social influence formed the third topic choice. It encourages individuals to dissociate from comparing Facebook profiles with their own. The research found out that students who utilize their spare time in going through profiles perceived their counterparts to be enjoying better and happier lives (Nevid, 2011). An individual with fewer friends feels socially incompatible, lowering his or her self-esteem. In the biblical world, everybody is created in the same image and likeness to the creator. Through utterance of similarities of all humankind, the study is in contradiction of biblical teachings.


Emma the way you are expressing your points are of a certain higher level especially the challenge you had with the obedience psychological concept. To be sincere, Stanley Milgram is a good choice to bring to reality the psychological obedience to authority concept. The study, for instance, demystified the myth that a good person will always do everything right. The study in contrast showed that good people flopped in their endeavors at certain scenarios when they are blindly following the authority (Nevid, 2011). The morality of the rule, nonetheless, makes the’ good people’ have relief in their conscious that what they have done is morally right.

However, ‘Working in front of others’ is greater psychological concept and the way you support your points are motivating. Social loafing and social facilitation are two concepts that argue against each other in a manner that the reader understands the point of argument (Nevid, 2011). The parallel argument, I assume, provoked the biblical parallel you indicated at the end. However, it could have had a very unique appearance if you included social freight or stage tension and the manner that Charles (2009) has tried to study management of stage tension or fright. Charles (2009), the psychology of stage fright, for instance, deduces that emotions build to the extent that poor mental coordination suppresses speech. World biblical views can be traced to Jesus in the book of John. He challenged Peter, one of his loved disciples, on the belief in oneself. To dig a little bit deeper on the scripture, Peter had a doubtless friendship with Jesus. Jesus mocked the friendship to the extent that He foresaw Peter denials just to save his life from the authority (John 18:13). The three studies if blended together will triple up into a more comprehensive report and apart from earning you more marks can also broaden your scope.


The psychological concept, obedience, is a greater topic both in the biblical world and the ordinary world. To mean it cuts across believers and non-believers and that it is more appropriate to be discussed in highly regarded ‘Christian life seminar.' The choice of the study is thus relevant to the topic under discussion. How you bring in personal expectations and the real study concept shows a clear understanding of the subject matter. My understanding of Milgram Experiment in obedience in psychology depicts a scenario where there is a conflict between self and the authority.  The aim of Milgram was to assess how easy it is for an individual to obey instruction especially those instructions which involve harm to another person. He used the example of world war two (WWII). On reading your post, the points are well elaborated.  Nonetheless, in typical scenarios, possible solutions to an existing conflict make the research have flavor relieving the reader of unnecessary anxiety (Nevid, 2011). Although you have mentioned the concept of morality- as the equilibrium point that a good person performing evil activities for the sake of the authority is consciously cleansed- it doesn’t come out vividly.

 Narrowing down to biblical context will make the paper very relevant in the biblical world which you have done appropriately, but your biblical relevance seems to create another conflict with the authority. People will pity authority against biblical teaching.  Scriptures like the story of Moses (in his leadership of the Israelites teaches the benefits accompanying obedience without questioning the word of scripture while at the same time underrating the pharaoh decree. The result was confrontation with the royalty and triumph in equal measures (Deutronomy 5:6).


The concept of attraction shows the tendency to be drawn towards another person or object. This inclination makes one develop positive responses towards the other person. People who share similar interests tend to have a firm attraction. The choice of this study relates to the topic. Attraction can also be characterized with an outlook of a person and similarities in terms of personality and interests. The physical attraction of a person is drawn from their sexual appeal and our sense of judgement. How we look influences choices made by people concerning attraction. The more handsome and beautiful one is, the more attractive they appear. Research also indicates relationships becomes stronger depending on the physical appeal of the opposite partner. Feminine attractiveness incorporates their facial looks ranging from the smile, hairstyle, skin tone and the general appearance. In men, the scenario is similar since men with pretty faces are considered attractive. For instance men with youthful and redefined looks are suitable unlike old and masculine features. Raters opt for smooth, childish facial expression since they show attractiveness. Certain communities consider attractiveness of a person based on their physical outlook. For example plump women, in some communities are regarded as attractive and in others they are not. In men slenderness is a values aspect of attractiveness. Additionally, the concept of matching hypothesis plays a major role in determining whether two people will end up together or if they are appealing to their opposite partners. People use the theory when they are seeking partners with similar features and attractions. However, when there are mismatches in physical attractiveness, the other partner seeks financial compensation. In the long run, the appeal is given by God, and it should not be limited to physical and romantic factors but to far-reaching experiences such as friendship. Judging people based on their looks and their financial aspect tends to restrict the scope of interaction.



Nevid, J. (2011). Essentials of psychology: Concepts and applications. Nelson Education.


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