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Martin Luther King Jr, “The Montgomery Bus Boycotts” (1955)

Racisms caused so many problems to people in the societies during 1950s and1960s which led to discrimination of people based on color. This led to emergence of revolutions that were meant to fight and protect their race. This article was written by Martin Jr representing the group of the black people who were oppressed by the white people. They were fighting for their rights and seeking justice in a peaceful manner. They called for a meeting led by Martin Luther King Jr to protest against their oppression following the arrest of Mrs. Rosa Park for refusing to surrender her sit to a white rider as per requirement of the local law. The meeting chaired by Martin Luther did not advocate for any violence but seek justice and their democratic rights.

The article again was written here to show that sometimes people had to fight for their rights and freedom. That those who are oppressed should at least fight for their survival by use of the constitution as a tool. However, fighting on these grounds does not mean that violence should be used but rather peaceful protests and demonstrations.

Martin Luther was addressing an audience that was made of black people at Holt Street Church (Martin, 1963). This is because black people were experiencing oppression from their white counterparts. This meeting was planned in order to urge the victims of the oppression who are the black people in protesting and putting an end to their oppression in Montgomery and other American states.

The article on the other end also changed my idea that during the early days of the birth of the constitution, people lived and abide by the constitution. The idea has now been changed by this article that the constitution is abused by those powerful people and that it is not in this era alone that leaders put to office their own people and discriminate against others but also during those early eras, the same happened.

In conclusion, the constitution is meant to unite people of all types regardless of the race, color or physical complexion. And that for those who abuse it or do against the constitution should be dealt with according to the laws of a country.

James Baldin on Students Radicals (1960)

Being a black person in America was a very hard fact to deal with especially during the times when racism and color discrimination was rampant among the Americans. People discriminate each other especially the blacks were so much oppressed by the white people who felt that they were better than the blacks. The black people fought for their place and freedom for so long till they were respected though the there are those conservatives who uphold there racial behaviors. However, in this era one can be sued if he or she shows any form of racial discrimination against another person.  James Baldin comes in with his article to remind us of the hard and painful experience they had to face in order to create a rather better future for their children than they had. He distinguishes the two worlds of him as a student in those years and what the students are having right. He tells us that black student’s life now is better than what they had.

The article is meant to show that the life of the Negroes in America has improved than it was before. Now black students can graduate in good state universities. But on the other end also tells that the experience made the black people live like soldiers ready to defend their rights. And that, no any other day that the Negroes will bow down for anyone again.

The audience is all Americans but most importantly the blacks. However, in James’ question whether freedom should be applied to all Americans or part of a group (James, 1960). Baldin challenges all Americans whether they want to be free or not. From Baldin’s point of view, he really urges the entire American to uphold their freedom and everyone has a right for freedom regardless of the race.

Seeing the black people successful in America such as; Obama, Oprah, Ben Carson and so many other successful blacks in America, I always thought that they climbed a smooth ladder to their success. However, the article has changed my perspective that they had to work so hard for their success. In conclusion, the parents worked hard for the freedom of the Negroes hence their children should also work hard and never forget what their parents had to go through for them to have a better life now.

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