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Tuberculosis is a very dangerous disease. It is disease considered as old as humanity and is the main cause of death in the world as a result of one agent of infection.  TB was declared in the year by the world health organization as a health...Tuberculosis- …

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Reflection on UNIV-111

Writing – articles, creative writing, SEO writing, Writing in various languages Leadership skills – guide people, motivate friends and be a positive admirable example Research Skills – qualitative and quantitative analytical skills ...Reflection-on-UNIV-111 …

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Rethinking Justice: The Flaws of Traditional Prisons and the Quest for Anti-Prisons

Beyond Bars: Unveiling the Ineffectiveness of Prisons and Advocating for Anti-Prisons as a Path to Rehabilitation   The establishment of prison systems dates as back as the establishment of civilization. They have risen to become a gre...Rethinking-Justice:-The-Flaws-of-Traditional-Prisons-and-the-Quest-for-Anti-Prisons …

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