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Persuasive Methods~

1.      Description of the situation and client, the current techniques used by the client and their competitors and why they are effective or not

The client is called Rocky, a tour operator with a tours and travel agency known as Rocky-Magic Tours. Rocky and his firm find themselves in a situation where they need to increase conversions and turnover by appealing to target customers. Then target customers in this situation are family members who are willing to travel during holidays (such as December holidays). The festive season is fast approaching, and every agency is looking to reap humongous profits from this period that is usually referred as “peak.” Rocky is under pressure since he’s just a few months into the business and wants to break even as soon as possible. Competitors including leading firms in the industry are already advertising through every means possible including media such as television, radio, and newspapers.

Other competitors are making the best use of social media and are marketing through YouTube channels, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. These techniques are effective because they get to reach to a large audience all at once. A sizable number of this audience is likely to be the target audience. Social media presence is useful in validating a brand and making it active through communication with consumers. Social media marketing is also known to intensify customer loyalty. Since Rocky is operating on a tight budget, he cannot afford to advertise on Tv and radio or newspapers. The only option he remains with is to create a strong social media presence and advertise through it. Other simple means he intends to use include; distributing flyers and brochures, word of mouth, posters among others. However, Rocky has a weakness in marketing, something that can adversely affect his business.

2.      Describing the audience’s demographic and psychographic profile and the message they need to know

Rocky’s audience is travel enthusiasts across the globe who would like to travel to different destinations around the world during the festive season. Rocky is based in the City of New York, and he’s focusing on families from all races to use his service to travel and have fun. He seeks to take his customers to the best holiday destinations in all the continents of the world. He has developed an interest in couples, especially those who have children. The target ages for couples is from age 25 to around 65 years of age whereas there are no restriction to children if they’re accompanying their parents. Rocky reasons that people of these ages are mature, can make sound decisions, and can “take care of themselves.” Moreover, they are more likely to have funds that can sustain them since most of them are in the “working class.” Rocky prefers that individuals below the age of 25 should at least be accompanied by a guardian. He wants his target customers to know that Rocky-Tours is the go-to agency for world-class tours. His packages are flexible and can be customized according to their liking. Rocky is willing to include a 25 percent discount for holiday packages that cost above $3,000.

3.      My Intention and what I want the audience to think or believe

I intend to increase turnover for Rocky-Magic Tours through intensive intent marketing that will also enhance customer satisfaction. Simply put, I’ll focus on the target customers and give them what they want at that moment. I want the audience to believe that they can get quality and flexible services that are personalized. Everyone is different, and they’re passionate about different things. Studies indicate that almost 90 percent of consumers are lured into making a purchase decision through personalization. Such information only illustrates that tours and travel suppliers who lag behind risk losing a lot of money from spenders. Therefore, I would campaign that Rocky-Magic Tours allows for packages to be adjusted at a reasonable rate to give customers the best treat of their lives. The audience should believe that Rocky-Magic tours is the best option with pocket-friendly prices and has no limits or boundaries to wherever places they want to go. There’s a package for everyone seeking both domestic and international tours. The audience should also believe that it’s all about them. They should feel the reassurance that they’re dealing with experienced professionals who will give them value for their money.

4.      Persuasive message and why it will be effective

Rocky-Magic Tours is a top-notch tour and travel company based in the City of New York. We pride ourselves with world-class excursions to dream destinations at relatively pocket-friendly charges. We thrive on creating bespoke travel packages that give our clientele the due worth of their money. Apart from exceptional tour packages, we’ve also mastered the art of creating itineraries for corporate travel such as incentive travels during holidays. The benefits of choosing Rocky-Magic Tours are innumerable, but we’ll mention just a few as follows;

·         We feature rates that you will never find elsewhere. Our prices are reasonably affordable. Moreover, we offer discounts to return clients and packages worth over $3,000.

·         We have a highly qualified team that is well versed and highly experienced in tours and travel. We only hire professionals that are experienced in the industry.

·         We craft itineraries that personify the needs of our clients to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. All our packages differ and can be tailor-made just to suit your budget or preference

·         We’ll take you to the most amazing destinations across the globe. At Rocky-Magic, we don’t just pick destinations hastily. We consider the best options available, ones that will offer an unparalleled experience. We are mostly interested in creating itineraries for dream destinations just to put a smile on the faces of our clients.

·         We get pleasure in providing opportunities for individuals to explore nature. For this reason, we develop unique holiday offers that you will never find elsewhere.

This campaign will be effective since it defines intent marketing which is what customers need. Every useful detail has been summarized in the campaign since this is all that customers need to know about Rocky-Magic.

6.      Best Media Channels to reach the audience

Since Rocky-Magic is just a startup, big advertisements in Television, radio, and Newspapers would be exorbitant. Therefore, the best media channel to use would be social media. Facebook pages are very lucrative for travel businesses. All that is needed is to get target clients to like the page then engage them with tips and insights from time to time. Posting reviews and videos of services offered is also critical. Other useful social media marketing platforms include; Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube channels. Most of the basic services here are free yet can reach many people at the same time. The message can be broken down into bits for instance on Twitter before being posted. Alternatively, the campaign can be crafted by a graphic designer into a fascinating poster advertisement that appeals to target customers. The poster can be shared online or printed and distributed to the general public.



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