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Electronic Cigarettes vs Actual Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices that are battery like operated shaped like a cigarette that has an alternative way in receiving of nicotine for addiction. Nicotine is usually an addictive drug that is found in the naturally in tobacco. The manufacturer of this cigarette has added extra nicotine and has given the allowance to maximize the amount of nicotine that is delivered by the smoker in every puff he or she takes. Regular cigarettes are the tobacco cigarettes, and one has lacks the capability to regulate the amount of nicotine that he inhales per puff (Ottawa, 56). The existing difference that exists between E-cigarettes and common regular cigarettes is only that, e-cigarettes do not contain any trace tobacco.  Nicotine is one of the basic chemical that is found in both regular and e-cigarettes.

             E-cigarettes have a lot of advantages compared to regular cigarettes that are commonly known as tobacco cigarettes in diversity of instances, for example, the fact that they do not produce smoke to neighboring environment. This reason makes it environmental friendly thus having greater priority compared to regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have no any presence of tar in theirs makeup as it is the case in the regular cigarettes. Tar is particulate matter generated during the burning process of tobacco and forms the smoke components exhaled during the smoking. It is composed of diversified organic and inorganic materials that are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon (II) oxide and carbon (IV) oxide gases. Therefore, tar is a sticky substance that causes throat and lung cancer to smokers. It also causes yellow stains in teeth and fingers of the smoker.

            E –cigarettes are the only to date the only existing social cigarettes in the whole planet having no offensive odors (Ottawa, 34). This makes it safe to smoke in any environment without worries that you may be offending your neighbors which discouraging especially in a working environment. Smoker will no longer step out to curb the struggles of non-smoking events. In regular cigarettes due to their smell and health costs gives it a bad name in the society. In e-cigarettes, everything is catered for as the cigar is free from any restriction because it lacks that odor smell produced by regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes also have a range of advantage as smoker can still enjoy the smoking because he or she can get the nicotine they crave to get regardless using methods that are intrusive and irresponsible. It is also alternative, and cost effective compared to regular cigarettes.

            E-cigarette does not have a distinctive odor. Scent from cigarettes clings to anything that comes onto contact to it such as hair, car, and clothes. Many people hate the cigarette odor offensive, and he avoids coming in contact with a smoker. It's shameful to a smoker when all times you are immersed by the people due to noticeable smell of regular cigarettes (Wand, 23). E-cigarettes are free from these allegations promoted by its nature of being odorless. This nature of e-cigars makes it highly prioritized because they are user-friendly. The reason that makes this effective is how this kind of cigar is manufactured. The manufacturer makes sure all odors are catered for. I strongly oppose that e-cigarettes came into existence with advancement of technology to cater for smokers in the society. It is a concern that in most cities they have marginalized areas for smokers; the smoking zones to be used in smoking only because of the smoke that is emitted by the regular smokes.

            E-cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes have with time become expensive in order to reduce their consumption so as only few people that can pose them. In 1980, the cost of regular cigarettes was one dollar and in ears it has drastically increased due to tax that is levied on them. To date regular cigarettes cost about seven dollars to twelve dollars in any state you are. Tax resulted to this example in 2009 where federal tax was raised from $0.39 up to $1.01 per packet which resulted in increase in cost of the cigar in 20%. In the case of electronic cigarettes they do not share the trend due to its cost its only higher to poses the starter kit and afterward the cost of month to month electronic smoking is half compared to cost of regular cigarettes .lastly on the cost of these two different cigarettes is that regular cigars are associated with extra cost of constructing a smoking zone in order to marginalize those people who are smokers due to smell released by this cigarette. On the case of the e-cigarette has catered for this fact that smell is limiting factor. For this reason, it is clearly depicted that e-cigarettes are cheaper in diverse perspective; in government providing such services to public and to the smoker who are spending less in is consumptions.

  In electronic cigarettes smoker not only helps himself, but also the existing surroundings. Electronic cigarettes are free from smoke, ash and have negligible risk with fire. Tobacco cigarettes place a major burden to the environment due to the accumulation of cigarette particles in landfills. This reason gives an assurance to enjoy electronic cigar guilt-free, and other people are assured that instead of spoiling the environment you are protecting the environment. The cigarettes do not produce carbon (II) oxide which effects are catastrophic to human life because other than being respiratory poison the also account in green-house effect ha results to global warming.

The structure of electronic cigarettes provides safe smoking condition as I am fitted with regulators that give the smoker access to safer products that could save their lives. Electronic cigarettes have led to a reduction of consumption of the cigarette to those have for a long time smoked tobacco cigarettes. This has been demonstrated by several users who have reduced their ‘crave’ to the tobacco cigarette then have been smoking per day. Comparisons have been made between electronic cigars and regular cigarettes in clinical performances that have led to several conclusions on the effects of both cigarettes. E-cigarettes are advancement of regular cigarettes, and their functionality is also is to reduce the effects caused in traditional cigarettes that had become rampant in the society. The idea behind these cigarettes is to try to reduce the number of those who consumes the cigarette in looking for an alternative cigar other than the widely harmful one that is common. Electronic cigarettes provide the smoker with diversity of flavors such as pinna, peach schnapps and cherry crush and also give the allowance of determining the amount of nicotine one wants to smoke in the flavor selected. Despite the regular cigars that are only restricted to two menthols that are tobacco and menthol. They give the smoker room to select perfume of his or her choice rather than being smoked out and smelly.

               Electronic cigarettes have aided in a reduction of cases of cancer across the globe. The numbers of people who suffer from cancer as a result of smoking have tremendously reduced by at least 30%n since the time that electronic cigarettes were introduced. Electronic cigarettes produce a small amount of smoke compared to the normal cigarettes. As a result, the smoke that gets into the respiratory system of the smoker is greatly reduced hence minimizing the chances of attracting the respiratory infections such as cancer by the cigarette users.  The world health organization has reported that increased use of the electronic cigarettes over the normal cigarettes has been advantageous in most countries across the globe as the chances of cancer cases have been reduced. Health specialists in the world have researched and found that the use of electronic cigarettes will help to curb other infections to the respiratory systems among the cigarette smokers.

                  Increased use of electronic cigarettes across the globe has reduced the number of cigarette smokers. Electronic cigarettes are not easily available for the users and hence those who want to quit smoking are requested to use the cigarettes other than the normal cigarettes. The cigarettes are also healthier than the normal cigarettes since they have less ability for addiction to the users.  Most health care systems across the globe advocate for a shift from the use of normal cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes as a way of reducing the number of those involved in the use of cigarettes. WHO through its recent researchers have found out that the use of electronic cigarettes across the globe has led to a significant reduction in the number of people that smoke cigarettes by up to 34%. It is advantageous to these people as well as the whole country as they can save the money they spend on the purchase of the cigarettes.  Cigarettes are said to be a major contributor to the high levels of poverty as those involved in smoking spend huge amounts of their income on cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes will greatly help to reduce the levels of poverty t o those involved in smoking as they will be in a position to reduce their rates of smoking.

             The primary reason for the introduction of Electronic cigarettes to replace the normal cigarettes was to reduce the risk factors that normal cigarettes cause to the users. Electronic cigarettes are safer for use compared to the normal cigarettes as the health hazards associated with the normal cigarettes are reduced (Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health 23). Most countries across the globe have reduced the usage of normal cigarettes and hence reduced the health risks for their citizens. According to the findings of a research conducted  involving 50 smokers, it was  found that among them, those who used the normal cigarettes had greater chances of attracting numerous health disorders whereas those who used the electronic cigarettes were at a lower risk of  suffering from the health disorders (Pearson 39). The conclusions hence found out that people who use these cigarettes are safer than those who use the normal cigarettes. To date, there are no any cases of deaths that have been reported to people involved in the use of electronic cigarettes. It hence means that electronic cigarettes have drastically reduced the rates of deaths for the people involved in smoking with comparison of the time before their emergence into the market.

               Electronic cigarettes do not contain much nicotine compared to the normal cigarettes. Nicotine is believed to produce toxic substances whenever it is burnt. These substances may enter into the respiratory system of the user causing poisoning effect to the body cells. It is risky to the people who use the as it may eventually result to death if there is no immediate care those affected. At times, the toxic substances may dissolve into the blood and are distributed across the body parts resulting in adverse effects.  The electronic cigarettes, unlike the normal cigarettes, do not put the non-users in the t risk of the cigarettes vapor. Despite the fact that no smoke is produced by the electronic cigarettes, there is a smoke like vapor that is exhaled by the people who use the cigarettes. Nicotine level that is contained in the vapor on tenth of that produced from the normal cigarettes.  There is also a reduction in the level of propylene glycol vapor. Those involved in the use of electronic cigarettes do not pose the risks of nicotine vapor especially when they are smoking the cigarettes in the public (Pearson 65). It is due to the greatly reduced level of nicotine in the cigarettes. The cigarettes have a unique feature in that their smoke does not travel rapidly as the smoke of the normal cigarettes do. Electronic cigarettes have been preferred for use in areas where cigarettes pose great risks to the health of the public.

         The use of electronic cigarettes in United Kingdom has increased tremendously over the recent years. Online media have played a great role in making the product more popular among the citizens in United Kingdom. A research conducted between 2011 and 2009 showed that increase in the use of the term electronic cigarette the internet was over fifty folds. ASH commissioned research in 2010 among the smokers in the Great Britain showed that the number of those who use electronic cigarettes has increased by 10%.  In 2014, the figure increased by 18% in Great Britain. It is an indication that electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity among the cigarette users across the globe. Similarly, the numbers of those that have been reported to have tried the use of electronic cigarettes have tremendously increased for three consecutive years. The increase in the number from 2012 was 22%, 2013 was 35%, 2014 52% and 2010 was 9%. It indicates that the number have continued to grow tremendously and in great percentages.

           In conclusion, electronic cigarettes are more advantageous over the normal cigarettes as they reduce the risk factors to their users. Most of their advantages relate to their safety on the health. Reduction in the cases of cancer as a result of use of electronic cigarettes is one of the greatest achievements associated with the use of electronic cigarettes. There have been cased of reduced risks to the public from the use of electronic cigarettes.  Increased popularity for the use of electronic cigarettes has been as a result of their safety to the users that has led to the development of strategies that aim at increasing their usage. It is hence advisable for the cigarette smokers to opt for the use of electronic cigarettes as they have numerous advantages over the normal cigarettes.


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