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Did you know that 3.5% of our country’s national population consists of people living among us without legal permits? The Mexican immigrants make up almost half of the population, 49% to be precise. States like Texas, California, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Illinois alone, take up to 60% of this immigrants. In the U.S labor force 5.1% consists of the people without the permits and among the students at least 7% of them live with a parent who is in the country illegally (Krogstad et al.).


A very high number of these unpermitted immigrants is recorded having been involved in various crimes throughout the country. Among these offenses is sexual abuse cases which 7% of the immigrants were convicted and sentenced to serve a term in the federal prison. 9% of murders and 30% of crimes related to kidnappings. These statistics are according to the report presented by the U.S sentencing commission as at 2013. ("Voices: How Violent Are Undocumented Immigrants?")


It may be time for people to learn that their security is important and the need to report any mischievous activities in their area of residence. Particularly when it comes to new families joining a community.


A neighborhood can only be safe if everyone is responsible and a collaborative approach to security may be the only way that will ensure the rate of crime has been completely eradicated. It would only be appropriate for a resident to report a crime or suspicious family has joined the neighborhood. Reporting the issue to the authorities would ensure that they can keep the country safe ("Voices: How Violent Are Undocumented Immigrants?")


People need to be educated on the importance of their security. It can be done through newspapers, mass media, billboards and any other means possible to reach everyone in the community. The education will help people to be cautious about who they are living with and who is joining the community.

They should be given platforms to report any suspicious activities around them. The activities range from drug dealings, new people in the area who they don’t understand and even crimes happening. It will help keep the states safe for its citizens because they come first.



The process of educating people may consume a lot of time and money because it needs communication through different media. It may range from mass media, newspapers, advertisements all around the country which may not be that important considering people report when a crime happens.

The individuals in question may only be interested in getting jobs and not getting into any problems with the neighbors or the authorities. They may be harmless considering that 5.1% of the labor force is made up by these people. The people are a great contribution to the economy of the country as they put their skills into working for our nation ("Voices: How Violent Are Undocumented Immigrants?").


However, there is that percentage that this person may be harmful. Considering this, if they are not reported, they may cause damage to the society where they may be involved in drug trafficking, terrorism and other ill ventures which may cause diverse effects like loss of lives.

Some of these families are large, and you may find that only one or two people in the family are formally employed. The two employed may however not wish to work where they will be spotted as foreigners who do not have the legal documents. They end up finding jobs that are not well paying. They might not be able to support the whole family and as a result, the other family member may be involved in criminal activities just to contribute to the survival of the household.



As little as the percentage of the illegal immigrants may sound, they present a grave danger to the American people. If no steps are taken to regulate them, they might end up occupying the country. The citizens matter a lot because they are in their country. Even if its 1% insecurity caused by the immigrants, it would at least be 1% safe if the criminals were reported and brought to justice or even be deported back to their country.

Citizens of this country need to be educated on the need to report crime cases or any suspicious activities in the neighborhood, planned immigration, and new identities. The response will help prevent cases of in securing in the country. The immigrants who have already been granted citizenship need to be monitored to keep them from smuggling their family member into the country. Instead, they should be encouraged to follow the right way of entering and obtaining citizenship for the country.


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