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Parties are one of the things that nearly every person enjoys. Parties ought to make people relax, have fun, and unwind from the daily hassles of life. However, not all parties that turn out to be great as they were intended to due to lack of proper planning. Whether one is inviting his neighborhood for a cocktail party or it is one’s birthday party, throwing a great party mainly lies on how well it was planned in advance. One should find a reason as to why people should celebrate. There are many reasons that may make people celebrate. They include; a holiday, special event, an achievement, or a new endeavor. The reason for calling people to celebrate is imperative in setting the mood for the party. As a host to a party there are several aspects that one ought to put into consideration in order to make a party be successful.

Firstly, figure out the logistics. At this point, one ought to set a date when the party will be held. The guests whom one is planning to invite should be notified as two weeks into the day of the party. The selected day should be carefully picked so as to avoid picking a date that your guests may be busy such as weekdays. Friday or Saturdays are a better pick. After that, one should try to compile a list of those guests who are invited for the party. The next step is to pick the theme of that party. Themes that are selected for a party should be arrived at carefully, so as to avoid picking a theme that may make one’s guest to turn down an invitation to a party. The theme of a party may narrow down to an aspect such as color. After that spread the word concerning the party. This might be attained by sending text messages to people of contacting them via popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The first step in throwing a party ought to be concluded by coming up with a budget for the party. Parties can be ridiculously expensive, but planning one’s budget helps in scrapping off unnecessary items hence managing the cost of the party to affordable levels.

For example, the recent party that I hosted was my birthday party. The step of figuring out the logistics was time-consuming, but it was worth the time spent, as it made the rest phases of the party to sail through smoothly. My birthday was on 3rd of September, and I had ensured that each of my friends and classmates was aware of it two weeks before the D-day. Luckily, my birthday was coinciding with a Saturday, and I knew that a lot of people would show up. I came up with a budget of items that would be needed during the party. I had ordered for a customized birthday cake from a local confectionery firm.

Secondly, plan about the food, entertainment, as well as other things that will be included in the party. Food is an imperative aspect of any party. Eating is an imperative component of any party. Provision of food in a party helps to make the guests stick around for a longer time. Anything that ranges from chips, fruits, or dessert is a good opinion. After food has been planned for, the next think is to plan about the drinks that the guests will take. To adequately plan for the drinks, select different types of drinks that will accommodate different types of guests, and purchase them prior to the party’s kick-off. The next step ought to be coming up with a plan on the type of music that will be played during the party. Music is as well as an important aspect in making guests stick around for a while longer. A play-list of the songs that will be played should be designed. The playlist must be long enough to last all through the party. Alternatively, hiring a DJ to do the task is another excellent idea. Once the music is all set, the venue of the party, which is one’s house, must be decorated. Decorations of the house should be done in a manner that it will match with the theme of the party. The house should be appropriately set up to the ideal of the party. The last thing in this stage should be to plan about the clean up once the party is over. Parties may get messy at times, and a lot of clean-up is required. To handle this issue, one may ask a few friends to remain behind and help with the clean-up, or outsource some people to do the cleaning at a fee.

The last part is that of hosting the actual party. People are looking forward to a good time in the party. While hosting a party, one should delegate a number of tasks to other people. For instance, one may delegate some duties to his close friends so as to make them feel that they are more involved. However, one should avoid delegating odd tasks such as cleaning toilets as this may make one’s friends to feel like they are not treasured. After that, plans ought to be undertaken so as to make sure that the entire place is both tidy as well as functional. There ought to be ample space where people can move around and socialize. The venue for the party should then be decorated so as to make the setting more appealing to the eyes of one’s guests. When the guests arrive, they should be kept entertained as well as mingling with each other. This entails making an assessment of whether the music is good for the guests or whether there is a resource such as drinks, which is running low. The final part is to know what time is right for ending the party. For instance, during a party that I had organized for my brother who was graduating from high school, the party had a tendency to go on for many hours, but as the host, I had come up with an idea of letting the attendants to know that they should start leaving. My friends and I significantly reduced the volume of the music and started to collect the cups, as well as tidying up the house. This trick worked as it gave the guests a hint in letting them know that the party was over. Within 20 minutes, they had all vacated out house.

In conclusion, throwing a party is a very tedious exercise that requires a lot of planning, as well as management. Planning is imperative in avoiding last minute rushes that may spoil the party. The above steps are essential in informing one on what he/she ought to do when throwing up a party.

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