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Dowry murder brings in academic settings as a course which is impossible to the sense of pedagogical obligation which engages with the subject (Baez 9). It is torn between someone's desire for both a feminist and academics to answer specific questions and respond to work at different informative. This also resulted in increased number of problems assumed and understood about the phenomenon in the minds of those who engage on issues. In a cocktail situation, the majority of Indian women were burned to a state that they could not be recognized by their family for dowry; this has been a headache for many since it gives a lot of psychological torture. It is difficult for one to encounter such academics and it calls for attention to a misconception as it alerts to connect what is not made.

There are no diplomatic means through which a misconception of a problematic understanding, defensive construction of other individuals who feel arraigned on a tone of pedagogic self-righteousness. The Cultural explanation is given a fatal violence for third world women as the outcome was to propose the third world women into death upon utilization of culture. The Western women seemed to interestingly have more immune to death by religion as the asymmetries in learning explain the rest in place of the third world women who are absorbingly distinct from the state in which exploitation of the widespread women is comprehended.

There has been confusion on dialogues which emerge from the internet where the wives of the American State would be burnt using oil fires for having insufficient dowries. A man of India background followed this contribution by taking a stab at explaining the difference between sati as traditional and sati alongside dowry murder. However, it was a rare observation of optically setting oneself on fire in the husband's funeral pyre by women whose spouse had died, as a recent event of burning a bride due to insufficient dowry. What often gets edited out during world traveling are facts, and this is an almost extinct practice that feminists’ recent objection was discomposed by the central ongoing political struggle against Hindu fundamentalism. In India, the failure to understand the significance of the whole context on feministic dockets around domestic violence led to failures in connected dowry murders to the general US category of domestic violence. In the United States, inability to understand feminist engagements with lethal forms of domestic violence failed in understanding the contextual asymmetries. 

To explore the culture of death, one should attempt to think thoroughly on how culture is involved with regards to the account of violence against women in the third-word contexts. Cultural explanations appear more credible concerning disorder that affects third-world women as we attempt to think about the political implications of calling attention to the difficulties experienced in domestic violence against mainstream western woman. The United States seems to be resistance to problematic culture explanation and death by culture. It is very illuminating for how third world women are represented in the third world national contest and the way local and western Medias might mediate such border crossing. Internal borders between communities are not examined within a single state even though internal boundaries are often salient to cultural explanation issues.  For instance, female-headed households, welfare dependency, and teenage motherhood have been attributed to cultural pathologies within African American community as culture is seldom indicated for the same problem when they occur in white neighborhoods.



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