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Lab report conclusion

A Lab report conclusion is probably the most important part of your report. This is because unlike other conclusions where you give a summary of the entire document, a lab report conclusion is an opportunity to explain what the report is all about. Instead of summarizing what you are doing in the experiment, you get to provide finer details of what you have been doing since your reader may not remember everything in the entire report. It is an opportunity for you to explain anything that might have gone wrong in the experiment. It is also a perfect chance for you to propose recommendations for future experiments to be done in the same area. An essential factor to consider is that your conclusion needs to be brief and to the point. Below are the steps you ought to follow for you to write an effective lab report conclusion.

1.    Review your introduction

Before you write your lab report conclusion, review the introduction of your report. This will enable you to know whether you accomplished what you said you would do on your introduction. Reviewing your introduction will also enable you to lay down your overview of the conclusion. The introduction structure will help you wrap up your report.

2.    Restate the purpose of your study.

Restating the goals of your experiment will remind your readers what you were investigating in the experiment and what you hoped to achieve.

3.    Briefly explain the methods and procedures followed in the study.

Every experiment has several steps to it; all you need to do at this stage is to briefly explain the entire process of how you conducted your experiment. The aim of this is to catch your readers up with the entire experiment efficiently, such that even if your reader did not go through the entire report, they would understand from this point what it was all about.

4.    Share your observation.

Although you have already stated your observation before concluding, the conclusion is a wrap up of the entire report. Therefore you need to briefly state and summarize that data collected. It is also at this point that you analyze the findings of your study and whether they agree or contradict your hypothesis for the study. Make sure to mention errors that occurred in your study with the methodology and additionally offer any recommendations for the experiment that might be useful in the future. Also, mention the day to day applications of your experiment if there are any.

Tips for writing a great lab report conclusion

•    Once you have finished, ask friends to double-check any grammatical errors that you could have missed.

•    Recheck the results from calculations to make sure they are in order.

•    Have a friend go through the report to make sure its wording is audience-appropriate.



Above are the steps and tips you need to follow to write a comprehensive lab report and conclusion. A good conclusion will earn you points from your professor as it will demonstrate that you took your research seriously. A well-written conclusion shows how much work you have put into your study. It is your chance to demonstrate skills such as critical thinking and data interpretation. It is also a chance to demonstrate your ability to relate your findings and your original question that motivated the study in the first place. Whether your findings concurred with your hypothesis or not, they will be of help in the future since research builds on what has already been done.  Ensure to conclude the report with a convincing explanation of why your findings matter.



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