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High school vs. College – what is the difference when it comes to the overall lifestyle?


High school students tend to sleep much earlier than their counterparts the college students who prefer sleeping late and waking up late. High-school students, on the other hand, do sleep early and wake up between 6:30 am – 6.45 am whereas college kids tend to wake up between 7:30 am and 7:48 am. Sleep is vital when it comes to the mental health of all students and to boost the general mood and effectiveness and extra-curricular activities as well.




It's that time of year when high-school students base their intelligence and academic worth on standardized tests that determine if you're well prepared vs. extremely! Well equipped for college classes at the 100 level even though most college students perform poorly when assigned tests when compared to high-school students who have more concentration spans as compared to their counterparts. Most high school students understand the best time to study and stick to a schedule, which balances sufficient study-time, and due to this, they tend to perform better under exam conditions.

College level students tend to have activities which demand flexibility and therefore they rarely stick to a schedule and what’s the output? They end up wasting time and using up all the time needed for study by engaging in extra activities which are not school related.



A more significant percentage of college kids tend to be professional procrastinators, and most of them relate to this statement that “I wish there were some sort of Olympics for professional procrastinators because it would be kind to win something for once in my life.” They have challenges in time management and prioritizing.

College students complain about the system and having “so much to do” because they don’t have excellent time management skills. High-school students follow their schedule to the letter, and they have learned to tackle the time management issue. College students are weird since they need 26hrs of sleep in a 24hr period which is impossible to achieve, but still, they make the miracle happen. Mastering time management will help you succeed in college and beyond.




Fact; “Having no classes for a certain day means extended procrastination to –professional crammers.”

The trophy goes to college students who have experienced crammers and can afford to skip classes and still pass. College students have the guts to sleep the entire day before the exam, and later on, do an all-nighter and cram straight into the exam. Collegiate level students are successful at cramming which involves studying intensively within a short period of time just before taking an exam.

Word of advice

“Don't underestimate the things that college kids can do.”

High school students tend to concentrate more on their studies though we can’t rule out the facts that high school taught some college level students how to cram very well and finally growing to be professional crammers in that aspect. The rate of cramming is however low when compared to the college level where you need to grasp information relayed to you throughout the semester and still need to pass since your life depends on it. Considering the facts that you have gone out multiple times drinking margaritas and spent hours of valuable time watching football you need to understand the cramming techniques to pull through.

When attending any University, just know that you will be reading and cramming to get grades unlike cramming less, using more top rated and proven learning techniques. 97% of college students attest to the facts that last minute cramming definitely works better for them, and that’s the reason why the majority of the graduates can't apply what they were taught in class.



•    Flashcards.

•    Water.

•    Background radio.

•    Study in the evening, as it settles in your head as you sleep.

•    And on the day, a bottle of Lucozade 30 minutes before the exam.



A massive round of applause goes to college students! Most college students deal with courses which are no joke! They have to deal with perpetual essays, research work, coursework and presentations which demand a lot of concentration. During their spare time, most college students are signed with both the football and baseball teams among other sports which help calm their nerves. Knock it out of the park, college students!

Contrary to college students, high school students should have a lot of free time in these days as they take very few classes but I still they can't use their free time very well at doing stuff they'd like to get accomplished as Anna confirms “What do I do in my spare time? I read subtweets and try and piece the tea together utilizing other subtweets. It's an art.”

Tales, a high school student at Central Magnet School in Tennessee, explains how he is so bad at time management to the point that it gets annoying:

“For example, I spent over 2 hours TASing a small Egg Quarters section yesterday that I could have done in like 15 minutes, but I spent more time in it because I was watching videos/streams or doing other stuff as I couldn't concentrate too much on TASing itself...

And I could have done that in 15 minutes and used the rest of my time before sleeping to continue that TAS for longer as I wouldn't sleep so soon, or even do something else more useful than what I did while procrastinating.”

“Anyway, that's something I want to fix soon as it's getting annoying lol. I guess that talking about it can be seen as a first step.”

Those of you who desire more out of life, ask yourself, are you really utilizing your spare time or are you just wasting time?



High-school students tend to stay at home while going or attending school and this means that they do not have as much freedom as college kids have. College students live on or off campus, but they mostly do not live with their parents. This means that college students have a chance to explore different avenues in life including alcohol and drug abuse as compared to their counterparts in high school who mostly are under the control of their parents.

The level of freedom in college should get people and the population at large to be concerned (even collegiate level students are involved) that all the 4 to 5 years they are in college everything seems to be predetermined.

It’s worrying that every college student has the freedom to create their own class schedule and this means that the absolute freedom can ruin students who aren’t conversant with time management skills and the obligation that comes with being a college student.



Peer pressure among high school students is nothing to worry about since high school students are not prime examples of peer pressure. They should give those peer pressure lectures in college instead of high school. College peer pressure is a different breed, one minute you’re having a good time, next minute you’ve drunk whiskey, lokos, and now your jumping in a freezing pool naked.

Unlike a high school student, a college student the weekend is bad peer pressure.

Word of advice

“College is going to be the best years of your life, but do not get here and forget who you are and what you came for. Self-work is very important in college don’t let your friends or peer pressure force you into being someone you’re not because after college they won’t matter…

Just mind your business and stay focused.”


College is throwing you into lifelong debt before you can even start, unlike high school students who are not served with this debt until they graduate and are about to get hit with that lifelong college debt.

Most college students, unlike high school students, are securing life-long debts at college and while some are voicing their unpopular opinions saying that “your debt is your responsibility. You could’ve gone to community college;” higher education goes farther than community college... the pursuit of that shouldn’t be a lifelong debt sentence as a result of insanely high-interest rates that make it impossible for you to make a dent in your debts even after DECADES of paying them regularly.

Word of advice:

“I know so many people that went to college and are in debt now and don’t even work under their degree. There are so many great jobs and life long careers that you don’t need a degree for. Do not let anyone make you feel like shit for not going. Do what makes YOU happy!”

“Whatever you do, remain to be a life-long learner. You don't need college for that. Also make sure that you can be independent, as marriages can fail. College is not the only way to achieve this, and it can also be a life of debt that you don't need.”

Let’s make college a gateway to opportunity, not a trap door to life-long debt, and finally, deliver comprehensive immigration reform —with a pathway to citizenship.

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