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Workplace Ethics: Have Gun, Will Travel

Gun control is a seriously debated issue in the United States. Lawmakers and the executive including the presidency often finds itself in hot water when wrongful deaths occur due to civilians misusing guns at schools, workplaces, or homes. School shootings have become commonplace. In fact, last week, 17 unsuspecting students and tutors died at a Florida school after a teenager shot them with an alleged legal gun. The ordeal has sparked criticism from the school’s students who have called for immediate gun reform. Numerous other students from Florida yesterday conducted a ‘lie in’ protest outside white house to make their voices heard about gun reforms (Grunberger, 2018). Workplace shootings are also a great concern for employers and business owners since guns at the workplace has resulted in homicide in the past. While the 2nd amendment of the constitution makes it clear that the individual right to bear arms should not be contravened, what seems clumsy us where the carrier can legally take their licensed firearm.

  1. The legal and moral right to own a firearm and the right to park a vehicle with a loaded weapon in a privately-owned parking area despite the owner’s perspective about it

It’s legal to keep and carry a gun according to the constitution’s 2nd Amendment thus the state doesn’t allow infringement of this right.  Americans have had a longtime culture of bearing arms, but occasionally, the culture has been tainted and compromised by gory incidents resulting in deaths of innocent individuals. The state might deem it legal, but if the parking lot owner weren’t okay with me bearing a weapon, I would feel like I have a moral obligation to respect his perspective and comply. This where Kantian Ethics come to play. The owner might be acting in that particular manner due to past experiences to caution themselves or people around them. Supposing a situation was to occur at the place and prompt me to reach for my gun and cause a mess? Perhaps it would be important to ignore the right for the safety of others. However, I would remind the owner that the gun would be useful if an event such as robbery were to occur in the area thus permitting its use. Perhaps that is why half the states in the USA allow firearms in locked vehicles.

  1. My view about the moral and legal rights of employees to park cars with firearms in them in the company parking lot / What I believe should be the property rights and safety concerns of employers.

I believe employees have a right to keep their guns to the parking lot of their workplace without restrictions if their states say so. Half the states in the Unites state require businesses, employers, property owners, tenants, invitees, or lessees to allow firearms in their parking lots. The laws may differ in each state since some limit this freedom in certain places. The issue of morality should be upon the employees. If the employers are not comfortable with the idea of employees carrying guns, they should resolve the matter amicably by holding meetings about the issue and coming up with a unanimous decision. If the employees point out their fears about security, then the organization should take charge and fortify its security. If it’s about carjacking, employers can notify the authorities about the matter or advice employees on safe routes to use and secure places to live

  1. My view on state legislatures getting involved rather than leaving companies and employees to settle the matter

The cardinal obligation of the state to protect its citizens. Therefore, it’s only right for state legislatures to get involved in matters to do with weapons. However, if the laws they’re making are not protecting people, then they should review them. Perhaps they should be stricter about gun ownership and where to take them. Companies also need to settle the matter with employees by developing a certain culture. For instance, if carrying guns to work is becoming problematic, then they can resolve it by agreeing not to carry and instead tighten security.

Recent studies indicate that workplaces allowing guns are five times more likely to encounter homicides than those that don’t. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of 2013, shootings made up around 80 percent of workplace-related homicide. That accounted for over 400 deaths at work thus leading to work laws campaign, yet guns are still looming in parking lots (Fernandez, 2014).

  1. Perspective on private companies allowing employees to bring guns into the parking lot and the workplace itself/ Circumstances where doing so would be reasonable / Possibility of the presence of guns infringing the rights of other workers to be guaranteed a safe working environment.

It would be unreasonable for companies to allow employees to bring guns to the workplace. In fact, that would be violating the rights of other employees to have a safe working environment. Consequences may include wrongful deaths whether by will or by accident. A heated argument might also agitate an employee and escalate to a gun fight or threat. However, if the external surrounding of the workplace is dangerous, perhaps employees should carry guns at least to the parking lots. Alternatively, the company could beef up security.

Gun control proponents claim that allowing guns at the workplace gives deranged and disgruntled employees easy access to a weapon they could use. Supporters of gun-rights on the other hand indicate that the provision helps workers defend themselves against carjacking while commuting. Human resource experts say guns at the workplace are a liability to security. Private property owners want a right to ban guns on their property. Business groups claim they have been denied a right to decide whether they want a gun-free workplace or not (White, 2013). These are issues the state has to deal with currently. The state should remember to address the rights of everyone when it comes to gun reforms. They should work hand in hand with local governments to make stricter laws that are satisfactory to every group.




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