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To the Editor:

Re: “Trump’s Impulses Now Carry the Force of the Presidency” (news analysis, front page, Jan. 26)

President Donald Trump can easily be described as an itchy Twitter finger in the oval office from a critical observation perspective. His behavior and its looming implications cannot be overlooked. The ramifications of Trump’s impulsiveness which can be referred to as shooting from the hip might not come as a surprise. Worst still, these impulses embody his personality (Serpico, Phil). Trump is instinctive and impetuous, ready for war and has a rare affection for throwing a tantrum especially via social platforms like Twitter.  He spends his nights at the White House watching television or going through social media. Trump is known worldwide for acting on impulse and issuing instant judgments on what he sees or reads on Twitter He is also prone to what can be described as “alternative facts.” Indeed, President Trump is none like any other presidents who preceded him. Unlike other presidents that came before him, Trump is prone to controversies and thrives on chaos and conflict. This is as clear as day despite the few days he has been in office.

President Trump’s behavior, from where he started at the primaries to his presidency has been one that has not depicted any transmigration whether in substance or style. His ideas are not open to discussion. He clings onto his beliefs and ideologies and turns a deaf ear to existing analysis and viewpoints from other individuals. He’s fond of channeling fringe ideas and gives them as much weight as reports that have been conscientiously researched. He also has a history of denigrating intelligence professionals and later denying having done so. It’s very rare for Trump to retreat from his stand not unless he’s forced by circumstances including practical reasons and an impending embarrassment. While some people find his attitude appalling, Mr. Trump’s advisers are quick to defend him by saying that his frenzied approach appeals to voters because it portrays him as a man of action. In fact, they view those who ridicule his popularity by the crowd count at his inauguration as extremists with ploys to undercut his legitimacy. However, some of his advisers are quite worried and show some concern especially of his inclination to picking of drifting off message and picking unnecessary fights. Some have even thought of canceling his Twitter account or taking away his phone only to be dismissed by the commander in chief (Baker, Peter).

In the recent past, President Trump alleged voter fraud without proof. When challenged, he vehemently ordered a study which would be exorbitant yet lack efficacy. Moreover, the incumbent president is signing executive orders that are more like imperial fiats. He issues daily executive actions that overturn policies that have been longstanding across the board over the years in the past government (s). The president has attempted to reverse policies on the environment, health care, immigration, trade, housing and national security from the Obama administration. Nevertheless, it won’t take long before the realities of congressional approval, and legal challenges among others dawn on him soon enough. The president will learn a simple lesson, and that is democracy: “Government of the people for the people and by the people” or “rule of the majority.”



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