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My research will be research on single sex schools. In this kind of setting, children in individual schools, study in same sex schools separated from the opposite sex. The occurrence of this is during any time from adolescent to a point where they are mature enough not to need supervision from their parents. In many cases, the separation of this kind denies both sexes one on one interaction hence causing them to have limited information on how to interact with each other any time when they meet. At the same time, the separation allows maximum concentration. Students at the age of adolescence can get easily disrupted by the fact that their bodies are changing and they get attracted to the opposite sex which can lead to risky behaviors that may result in things like early pregnancies.

The issue of same sex schools is a controversial one as various people have varying opinions on the issue. To understand the problem better, I will look at both sides of the issue from the perspective of those who oppose it and from that of those who agree with children studying in same sex schools. The opposing perspective is the writing style to be used in this paper which will enable us to understand the issue in all sides, eliminating any bias that may arise from supporting one side. It will also help us weigh and see which side is more appropriate to take. I will also use the APA writing style for the case of referencing.

In my view, I do not support same sex schooling due to many reasons. One of this reason is that, from what we have seen in the already established single sex schools, there is no sound evidence indicating the benefits gain by society from this kind of segregation. It is evident that nothing right or wrong related to this sort of set-up has been achieved, in any case, what is seen in the society is greatly attributed to socioeconomic factors rather than gender. The other reason is the contribution of this set-up to growth in gender stereotype. The limited exposure to the opposite sex creates a stereotypical understanding from both sexes. Both sexes do not get time to interact with each other and learn how they both function or act on their own. Instead, the much they know about the opposite sex is all told by their educators hence causing a creation of a stereotypical understanding. If they were allowed to interact and learn each other from direct experience, some of these stereotypical understanding could be avoided as everyone has a different observation and interpretation.

The other reason as to why I am opposed to single sex school is the fact that they make transitioning to co-educational set-up very difficult. As a child proceeds with studies, they might be required to change from single sex schools to co-education set-ups which might prove to be difficult. Reason being, the child, is used to one set of sex and interaction with the opposite may turn out to be a difficult situation as they do not know how to behave. It has also been suggested that single sex schools emphasize on academic excellence hence neglecting other essential aspects of development to the child. The pursuit of this academic excellence cost the child’s normal development where he/she is allowed to utilize his or her creativity develop a deeper motivation and lead a meaningful life. The aspects mentioned above are some of the most important in any child’s development, and without them, they will positively impact the society less and negatively more.

The subject of single sex schools matters a lot in the study of sex and gender as it directly impacts the society which is the basis of sex and gender education. Education process begins at a very tender age of any child, and it is at this stage that the single sex schooling begins too. The stage is also important as it is part of the child’s growth and development. It is important to look at all the aspects of a child’s growth as it is at this point the nature of an individual is shaped. The growth stage is also the point at which characters that will be in the society develop, therefore it is important to consider this issue as it contributes to the understanding of sex and gender.

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