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Persuasive Speech about Abortion~

Abortion Should Be Legalized in the Country

Abortion is the termination of the fetus’ life. In most cases or countries the act is illegal and if the perpetrator is found then the direct conviction is granted in the law court. However, in other countries, it might be allowed probably on those conditions that the pregnancy puts the other at risk of losing the life. In connection with this, the United State of America usually funds the women who might want to abort. Women way seek an abortion with regards to what they succumb through. Some have financial constraints in support of the child after birth, some are young, health condition and marital status play a lot in the making such decision. The government supports the affected women with some financial assistance. However, the country is undergoing economic crisis like recession and there are other sectors that funds ought to be channeled for the benefit of the whole country (Boyle 30). This is the reason behind the state Congressman wants to introduce the Bill in the august house restraining the government from funding women who would love to abort. Is it right and appropriate for him to take such initiative?

The bill by Congressman Smith on the verge to stop the government from funding women aborting is not the first one. The existence of Hyde Amendment is such an act which looked at the cost and societal point of abortion. It was depriving the country a lot of resources like funds that could otherwise be used in other sectors of development like the expansion of infrastructure (Ziegler 100).  The social aspect of it was that the state compromised certain aspects of the law. This is because it all means murder when someone aborts of which is prosecuted in the law court. The government is charged with the responsibility of offering security to every citizen and the fetus are the future citizens of the country, so it has to act considerately.

When the government funds abortion, it encourages this insidious act to prosper as much as possible. Women will deliberately have pregnancy then abort afterward because they shall be looking for the government to chip in and help them out of it. This will accelerate immorality in the society and ethical conduct of most of the people will be at a stake (Devins 1025). Thus resulting in unnecessary underground activities like prostitution that always deprive the country economic growth since the sector does not pay taxes to the government. There will be increased cases of divorce in the court creating court jam because the married couples had adapted to such life and now when the time for fruit to be yielded which is the child, there is none forthcoming.

In as much as taking the positive side of defunding the abortion act, let us be rational and reason as sober human beings. When the bill is passed the power shall be granted to the state officers. In most instances, these people overrule and such defunding can made in such a way that which ought to save a complicated pregnancy that threatens the life of the woman is not adhered to (Devins 1025). Furthermore, sometimes it’s a circumstance that forces one to abort like age factor as well persuasion of education. When the state restricts the funds to reach these group of people then is like promising them death as in suicide becomes rampant because of distress.

The bill will become law if it is embraced in good faith and follow proper procedure. For instance in this scenario, for this bill to become a law, first it starts with the submission by a member like Congressman Smith. Thereafter, it shall go to the Senate and House of Representatives which committees will be formed to deal with it like this can be for health committee. Upon approval by the committee, it shall be referred to the whole House mostly full house which makes relevant amendments (Eckholm 54). The Senate takes over after which Conference Committee who can make any necessary change thereafter taken to the President for assent. It then becomes a law. When all the due process and procedures are followed then the law is given birth to but if not then rejected and no law on it.

In fact, this bill become law very first because it has the support of all the branches of the government. The President Donald Trump was the one who opted to defend the abortion and went as far as stopping the multi-million funding of the foreign aid on abortion. The President symbolizes the executive. The Judiciary had been mentioned in the court jam that is increasing in the divorce cases. The Legislative is the arm which puts it into action by debating on it in both the Houses of Representatives.

In conclusion, abortion is a wrong move which entails loss of life. Funding women who engage in it are like encouraging them to continue doing so which is not right and ethical. The funding should target a greater segment of people that merely women who abort. Actually, the government has a lot of activities that it ought to fund to the benefit of all people than just encouraging women to be in continual abortion by funding them. So the bill should be speedily enacted so that the morality and ethical behavior is gauged again.


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