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The topic selected is human trafficking which is a serious crime and grave violation of fundamental human rights. According to the Unite Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), human trafficking is rampant in the world with virtually every country on the globe affected by the human trafficking menace whether as the country of origin, transit or even as a designation for the victims of the atrocities. The human trafficking topic is significant in that there is a need for the discussions to continue regarding first because anyone may fall victim of the trade or may have a relative fall victim. It is happening to people around us every time and happens all aro8und us hence the need to be informed on the atrocities. Even if individuals are just informed of the existence of the trade and also how to curb it, and then it is the starting point towards fighting the crime. Secondly, human trafficking is the modern day slavery that ought to be eliminated from its core. The human race boasts about having been at the forefront at eradicating slavery, but it is evident that the slavery changed its face. Trafficking is the slavery that individuals face today and if it is happening to others it poses a threat to human autonomy and contradicts the fundamental human rights. Moreover just as the case with slavery in the past, it requires the collective initiative of individuals to put an end to its happening. Therefore, it is apparent that human trafficking is a crime against humanity that requires the collective responsibility from anyone in the fight against its existence and spread.

The primary audience for the research is the general public or citizens of the world in general. They are the democratic change agents and hold the power to influence the laws and decision-making processes of the nation. Moreover, if the citizens of a country are educated and motivated to bring change then being the majority, they hold the power and influence to drive the change in society. The current view on human trafficking is that its existence is like reverting to the days of slavery that needs to be put to an end and fast before it spins out of control.

The scope of the paper will be Europe in relationship to other areas experiencing human trafficking either directly or indirectly.  The major sections will include:

1.     Introduction

It will include the major descriptions and definitions on the topic. It also indicates the need for the discussion of the topic. It also contains the thesis statement of the research.

2.     Current situation: the problem

This section shows the extent and also gives an overview of the Human Trafficking to show the level at which it is present within society.

3.     Impact of human trafficking

It outlines the effects and consequences of the human trafficking within Europe and in the world in general.

4.     Recommendations

At this stage, it is the outlining of what can be done to address the problem of human trafficking.

5.     Conclusion

It gives the general overview of the paper and also reiterates the major points on human trafficking. It ends with a call to action and also the restatement of the thesis statement.




Questions to be answered

         What is human trafficking? This includes the definition and the interpretation of the term.

         To what extent is human trafficking present in society today?

         What are the effects of human trafficking?

         Who is affected by human trafficking?

         What can be done to address the problem?

Research plan

The research project will involve the literature review of published scholarly articles as well as an analysis of statistics and information from the relevant research centers. The research information will then be considered for the consistency and similarity in information supporting and presenting counterarguments to the thesis statements. 

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