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It is another year when all writers whether working as part of an organization or individually from the state of Seattle get a chance to showcase their talents through their written work.

Each year all writers in Seattle meet at the Seattle Writing Contest to celebrate the best writers and the organizations they work for. The top three are awarded.  This year the contest was held on 5th January 2019, at Washington, 14th Avenue in the Central District. The theme for the year was ‘Saving the Environment.’ Contestants were expected to submit their applications via a web portal which was publicly announced.

The Seattle Writing Contest is an initiative of the Seattle youth with the aim of capturing new talents. They have ensured to keep the age limit for the application open so that everybody who is a legal resident in the state of Seattle can attend. Those who are under eighteen are allowed to participate under the consent of their parents. The competition is in its fifth year, with some of its writers becoming best sellers in the country. It is always a huge deal to win in such a competition. Other than the monetary gift that one gets, they also get a chance to be published with the number one publishing house in the country.

This year’s contest was quite spectacular with the contest adding the categories of winners to include poetry and spoken work. This is unlike the previous years where the writing competition was only for science writing, fiction, and non-fiction writers. This saw the event hosting over 900 writers from all over the state of Seattle and the awarding of the top three writers in each category.

About the Seattle Writing Contests

The Seattle writing contest is a yearly writing contest that aims to bring together writers representing specific essay writing agencies from the state of Seattle for an eye-opening series of contests that will lead to signing a deal with one of the biggest publishers in the country while the essay company involved gets to take home the Crimson Award. Each year a specific theme is selected that cover the occurrence of the state, as a means of educating the public.

This year’s theme was ‘Saving the Environment.’ This theme was selected due to the deteriorating nature of the environment. The constant deforestation, littering, and urbanization have encouraged the degradation of the Environment. This has brought dire consequences including climate change, negative effect on wild animals and marine. The earth is slowly losing its natural flora and fauna to human activity, and hence there is a need to reduce the activities that lead to this. The huge concern of wildfires in the region is also a huge motivator for the theme. Washington has been a victim of major wildfires that have led to the loss of life and property, and disturbance of normal activities due to the contaminated air. It is based on this feeling that the group decided on the theme. Through this theme, they hope to educate the mass on environment conservation, and protection from wildfires in case of future occurrences.

The contest sees numerous applications from individuals and companies in Seattle year after year. This has continually raised the bar as far as applications are concerned. This year was no different with numerous applications from the different categories. They were all eager to show their talent and creativity by presenting some of the best stories, poems and scientific work. As can be seen, the winners are quite excited about the event. The competition is not only a chance for winning prizes but also to get published and develop a readership for your work. Many credible writers in Seattle started their career rooting from this contest.

This year’s event has been quite colorful with entertainment from leading bands and standup comedians. The top ten winners in the spoken word category have also been given a chance to present their works to the audience.

The attendees not only included new writers from new companies. Some of the most famous writers from established companies are also invited to take part in this significant event. This is to help with networking and to provide the new writers with a chance to meet their idols. This year we were successful to get James Patterson to grace the event and use the event to launch his newest novel. The new writers got a chance to have a hearty talk with him and to hear his advice on what is selling in the writing market.

The epitome of the event is the crowing of the top three nominees from each category. It is a coveted accomplishment to win and a big opportunity for people who are interested in being professional writers. From the three nominees, a winner is selected. This is based on their quality of work and ability to interact with the theme of the contest. The overall winner gets the greatest gift of being published, on top of the cash price that they receive. They also get credibility in their work and readership.

Just Like in all previous contests the prices were a $3,700 cash price plus a free library card for six months for the second runners-up, $2500 cash price plus a free library card for one year for the first runners-up, and the winner a $1,200 cash price, a free library card for one year, and a chance to get published.

The finalist in the gold ticket round who will be representing his or her company as well will individually win a four-month mentorship with Victoria Hames that will also include:

Ø  A critique of an additional five chapters or 25,000 words.

Ø  Proceed to work on realistic developing goals.

Ø  Assist with synopsis writing.

Those who do not make it to the finalist round do not go home empty-handed; the contest provides a good platform for constructive criticism on written work, and they will also receive one published author critique from either Hannah James or Eve Armstrong. Judges are keen to advise the writers on specifics which are equally important especially for young writers who are willing to go down the writing profession. All writers get a chance to network, gain credibility and readership, on top of the entertainment and lots of food.

Gold Ticket Round

We would like to thank all the writing partners that have worked together to ensure the success of this contest. The contest was being funded by the council of Washington, Winners publishing group, and the Washington University.  Your continued support has ensured that the competitions are a success and that we can capture hidden talents in the state.

My Paper Hub deemed as the best paper writing service was able to produce work that won awards in all the four categories and this means that My Paper Hub being represented by a group of writers gets to take the award home. Here is what the company representative had to say:

“We couldn’t have made it this far without our outstanding customers. We hope that you, our customers know that all your academic papers are being handled by the best company and a company with the highest industry ethics and standards. We love our job, and we truly feel honored to be awarded the Crimson Agency of the Year. What started out as a group of Harvard graduates writing essays for first-year students; and working tirelessly to assist struggling students has turned out to be a multinational company with thousands of writers working together for the common good of students. 2019 has shaped up to be our best year yet for our business, both locally and internationally.”

Amy Rosenfeldt, the My Paper Hub representative, adds, “From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you for partnering with My Paper Hub- we couldn’t have done it without you!”


My Paper Hub Named 2019 agency of the Year finalist by Crimson!

A big thanks to all who participated and stay tuned to see what we come up with for Crimson 2019!

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