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1- External Environment


With the consideration of opening a physical museum, Windows Wear is facing a potential legal as well as political implication. It is because it may be difficult to classify the nature of the business that it is in and hence may be difficult to engage in the licensing and getting the necessary legal frameworks in place. Moreover, the political factors such as the resistance to both the customers and also the relevant authority to accepting the idea because an individual can already see the displayed items for free. Therefore, agreeing to pay an extra amount for products that are not so different from what they consume on a daily basis may be subject to criticism and also consideration among the majority of the targeted customers.

The business is also facing what may be potentially a competition in that the shop owners and also other individuals can easily start such an initiative as well. The idea can easily be duplicated leading to increased competition (Aaker & McLoughlin, 2010). Moreover, the shops that are already displaying very vintage items for free may be a form of unintended competition to the project. Moreover, having the museum on a digital platform may also present an opportunity for others to duplicate the idea since they just have to collect pictures and post them. Such pictures may not be real or may not be holding the value, but it may be difficult for the potential customers to realize.

It is important for every business to be able to identify and clearly state its target market of customers. The customers in the majority of times are resistant to new ideas or rather may need extensive of marketing and financial implication stop convince them to take up the service. However, having to charge someone to see what they already have in their houses as wears may also present a challenge.

The country has individuals from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds. However, there is no such a distinction in the mode of dressing. Unless for the shops that sell the vintage and cultural clothing, the rest may find it difficult to find such a collection of clothing as being museum material. There is also the perception that museums are for items that are very old and holds significant historical rhetoric. However, since the beginning of the window displays, it has not been too long to assume that there is already a certain number or quantity of clothing that fit the criteria of being, labeled as vintage. Moreover, social change may be difficult in that most individuals are accustomed to making purchases wherever they see a display. Therefore, paying to window shop may be difficult to get the clients on board.

Some of the ways to position oneself for such a business is to have marketing criteria that explicitly convinces the potential distributors to sell their junk clothing at a good amount. By doing so, the shop owners may view the business as an advantage to them since they offer them an opportunity to sell or rather benefit from what they previously disposed of.






2- Industry Analysis

Windows Wear is within the clothing industry but also has some dynamisms of the tourism industry in within its operation since they are exploring the option of having a museum. The fundamental dynamics driving the business is the presence of a lot of clothing previously on display that is disposed or dumped since the shop owners cannot sell them or have no idea on what to do with them. The fact that the business is the first of its kind is also an important dynamic for WindowsWear. The demographics of the industry are changing in that the generational changes in society present new dynamics of what is perceived as vintage for every generation. 

3- Marketing Initiatives

There is also need to have very vibrant social media platforms. Technology and the in particular use of social media have revolutionized the mode of doing business. Therefore, the client should be able to have vibrant and viral posts on social media. By creating a form of hype and trend will attract more customers and also distributors. There is also the need to use the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites to educate the public and also excite them regarding the idea. B y the use of social media, the marketing costs will be driven down marginally. Moreover, they would target the distributors to give them the messages through word of mouth, letters and also visiting the shops that are potential distributors. By having the distributors excited about the idea just as the potential customers are, then it will be easy to eliminate the potential competition.

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