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In the today’s modern society, women play a key part in the society, and this cannot merely be neglected, due to gender beliefs and culture that has existed for long in the past. The reason for this is because each woman has key duties and roles she plays in the modern life, society whether at the family level or societal level. According to Craciun, “In a family setting, there are roles that are played by women, regardless of their status such as being a mother” (23). In the society at large where a woman is seen as a key pillar in terms of how she conducts and carries herself.

Traditionally, women were not involved in decision making as their opinions, were not taken into account whether at family or societal level. In the current century, women have become the voice of opinions as their views are now heard and considered when it comes to critical decision-making processes. This is mainly on whether to implement various policies, for example, the various reproductive policies which encompass the reproductive health of women where their opinions are now taken into account before the policy implementation (Kleinberg 15). This is a clear indication of women's involvement in key decision in the society that has seen them being perceived as decision makers.

Decades ago, a girl child was expected to sacrifice her education to pursue and learn about being a mother and duties of a good wife. These were the time where a woman was supposed to devote herself completely to the position of a homemaker. In comparison to the current generation time, situations have completely changed where there are more women pursuing education than men. The result of this is that it has shaped them to be career women such that they now play the role of supporting their families without relying on the men like before.

 Nowadays, family settings have changed, where women are fulfilling a decisive and critical responsibility when it comes to sustaining their family financially, they contribute a significant amount even when her partner is also working (Craciun 119). The explanation being that, the income of one person most of the time is not enough to sustain the family need

A closer look at the leadership positions in the society today, particularly in the major sectors of the economy, there are more women leaders in comparison to the past. Nowadays, women can compete and contest for major positions in the society, challenging the traditional settings where it was believed that women were only supposed to play households roles. In this case we can say women also play a significant role in the positions power and leadership due to the position of power they hold. For example, there are several women in managerial positions in major sectors such as the energy and security sector which are key pillars in the economic sector.

In the field of professions faced by various impediments attributed from cultural stereotypes, things have changed where there is an increment  in the number of women pursuing careers and professions that were assumed and preserved for men.  Nowadays, women are in pursuing professions such as doctors, lawyers and engineers this has have seen the rise of brilliant minds that have influenced and transformed the society positively. Situations have completely changed to the extent that there nowadays there are businesses that are completely and wholly run by women. As an outcome, it has brought a situation whereby, women and men working together have become like a normal thing which has provided avenues for other women to become professional career women.

At the family level, a woman plays a crucial role which is the ultimate factor that defines the society at large. In a family setting a woman plays the roles of guiding her children through mentoring them in terms of discipline and moral guidance towards becoming useful citizens. In this case, the women are thus expected to carry and conduct themselves in a manner that will motivate and influence her children positively like engagement in various professions. This has lead to continuous development due to new inventions and innovations.

The modern society is characterized by change of family settings where there are situations that have seen women to becoming the sole breadwinners in the family. In this case they are forced by circumstances to fulfill the duties and roles of a wife and husband at the same time. Such an instance is common in women-headed families where a woman is supposed to look after and protect her family instead of relying on help from the members of the extended family (Lees 80).

In conclusion, since women play a critical role at every level of society more avenues should be created to ensure continuous development of the society. This is can be achieved through implementing various policies documents that integrate women in society roles instead of segregating them.  The reason as to why women should be integrated with all sectors is that they are becoming more of a perspective to society and people which has propagated development at all levels.

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