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What intercultural challenges are you currently facing?

One of the main challenges is language barrier which is one of the main experience. Cultural intelligence needs some language understanding because language is a great aspect of culture. Learning new languages is difficult and takes a lot of time. However, it does not provide any limits to other aspects such as drive.


What multicultural or global opportunities do you want to pursue? (E.g. becoming a global leader, living overseas, developing relationships in multicultural contexts, managing a multicultural team, etc.)

The world is becoming very diverse and multicultural system are slowly becoming common aspects of our world.  As the world is becoming smaller, the need for cultural intelligence grows. The main opportunities associated with cultural intelligence based on the need to live with people of different cultures peacefully and respectively.


Describe your self-rated CQ scores in your own words.

 I believe that I have the great drive because I greatly acknowledge the importance of cultural intelligence. As a result, I have tried to gather as much knowledge as possible in order to have a better understanding of the concept and apply it to my own way of thinking. Even the benefits have been minimal; I still try hard to strategies to incorporate it on a day to day basis. The main problem has been associated with the action. This is because of the lack of contact with a multicultural circumstance, and thus there has been little need for action.


 Your strongest CQ capability is based on your self-scores in comparison to the worldwide median, not simply based on the highest numerical scores.

Your strongest self-rating in the four CQ capabilities is CQ Drive.

Write down one example of how you have used CQ Drive in the last six months.

Drive is very important because it is associated with my personal initiative to learn understand and incorporate cultural intelligence in my way of thinking as well as my practices. Some of the aspects of the drive include a personal conviction towards cultural intelligence even though there has been little benefits. Some of the use include the acknowledgment of exists of multicultural situations and making the best out of then situations.


Your weakest CQ capability is based on your self-scores in comparison to the worldwide median, not simply based on the lowest numerical scores.

Your weakest self-rating in the 4 CQ Capabilities is CQ Action.

Write down one example of how your CQ Action may have caused problems for you in the past six months.

When it comes to actions, situations have to exist in an engaging manner. These multicultural situations are what demand actions and when they are few or nonexistence then there is little need for action. Different cultures have different ways of doing things, and sometimes differences arise. A good examples is the use of gestures where in most cultures the meaning differ greatly and sometimes leads to problems. An example is smiling when something bad happens. Westerners find it rude while people from the east may find it polite.


List one, specific multicultural skill you would like to improve over the next year. Consider the challenges and opportunities you described in your development plan. (Examples include leading a multicultural team, efficiently implementing global solutions, accurately analyzing risk and opportunity in culturally diverse segments, etc.)

One of the skills is awareness and this associated with understanding the cultural perceptive of self as well as that of others. This is important because it allows for cultural considerations which develop, respect and good relationships when in multicultural situations.



Specific Action Steps

Next 4 weeks

List specific, challenging action steps you can take to use your strongest self-rated CQ capability.

1.    Some of the action steps are to increase chances of multicultural situations and finding the best out of these interactions.

2.    Learning as much as possible from the situations in order to develop more intelligence

Next 8 weeks

1.    Slowly assess progress based on the scores to see progress.

2.    Work harder on the elements that have the worst scores



Specific Action Steps Target Date

List specific, challenging action steps you can take to enhance your lowest self-rated CQ capability so that it does not interfere with developing the intercultural skill you identified at the top of this page.

Next 4 Weeks

1.        Action is very important, and it is the final aspect. Improving action may include engaging more in the situations and incorporating such aspects of speech, and nonverbal cues in interactions as a sign respect and consideration of cultural differences

Next 8 Weeks

2.        Have a good understanding of ways of acting when it comes to cultural intelligence.


With whom will you share this plan in the next 2 weeks? How can this person help you accomplish your goals? (E.g. following up with you; checking on your progress; etc.)

I would share this plan with someone close such as a friend from school who would be able to help me track my progress and correct me where I am wrong by bringing in a different perspective.


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