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For the last two decades, the church has been under increased pressure drawing from a more liberal world. With every new day, the church is faced with the challenge of conforming to these new ways of the world. What makes these challenges difficult for the church to overcome is the manner in which they are presented to the church. The numerous challenges have their roots in a liberal world whereby the way in which they are introduced in church is increasingly attractive and hence have tended to present adaptation challenges to the church leadership. These challenges come in different forms and they range from simple dressing modes to the ordination of gay priests.  Significant to note, is for the church to realize that its conservative nature that has for ages defined it as the bride of Christ lives it with no room for compromises. One of the major reasons why the church has found itself being forced to embrace new ways draws from the lack of proper understanding of the Christian doctrine. The people seeking to introduce new practices – which are not in accordance to the Bible – to the church setting, argue that since the Bible has not prohibited these behaviors, there is nothing wrong with the church embracing them. It is important to note that homosexuality has no place in the rightful setting of the church and that women can be ordained, and should be ordained where necessary, to serve in posts in the church.

Homosexuality is one of the most contested topics in the church today. Most of the people who are in support of the homosexual ordination argue that homosexuality is a natural occurrence in life. For the past 50 years, there has been a notable increase in relation to debate topics on homosexuality both in the church and outside the church setting. Although the issue of homosexuality has been debated for the past few centuries, this debate has intensified in the last decade within the church setting. There have been legal amendments stemming from the debate whereby the regional face homosexuality has evolved from a country issue to the international platform. The church around the world has been presented with the challenges posed by homosexuality in different capacities. Some seek to challenge the firm stand of the church from a legal perspective while some people seek to influence the church leadership into embracing homosexuality in the church’s leadership. One of the most debated issues about homosexuality is whether it is a natural phenomena or it is nurtured in the life of a person. In the course of this discussion, it is important to understand that the term homosexual is being employed to incorporate gays, lesbians, transgender, and bisexuals. In the main topic of this paper, the debated topic seeks to establish the causation and origin of homosexuality. The entire debate is founded on a several questions but the most important question here is; is homosexual a matter of biology or not? Homosexuality is not a matter of nature; it is a set of nurtured behaviors that develop into a lifestyle[1].

Ordaining women to hold posts and offices in the church has been another hotly contested topic within the church setting. The church is virtually divided into two, those who embrace the ordination of women, and those who do not embrace women serving in the church at different capacities. The entire debate is founded on the words of Apostle Paul to the church in Corinth. Paul said that women should not step up to serve in church positions and religious offices. He also talked about the manner in which women should present and conduct themselves in religious functions. Here, he talked about the manner of dressing as well as the covering of their heads in religious functions. The act of wearing head scuffs was to ensure that women were provided with a unique means of presentation in the course of religious functions. In Corinth, prostitutes used to shave their heads as a sign of identifying themselves. When prostitutes began coming to church, Paul was concerned about the stigma they would face from the other section of the church. As a result of this, he advised all women to wear head coverings. This would ensure that the element of stigma is dealt with and that all people are focused on the matters at hand. A woman serving in pulpits was prohibited by Paul in Corinth due to the manner in which women handled their conflicts. Women would step up to confront their husbands because of home issues while their husbands were leading in church and religious functions. As a result of this, Paul discouraged women from doing this for the greater good of the congregation. Paul did not rebuke women serving, but he addressed the issue of confrontation. This is the understanding that is needed to allow women to serve in pulpits and other religious posts. Women should therefore be allowed to serve in church and at the pulpit.

            Homosexuality is not a result of biological processes. Although there have been theories where people have sought to argue that specific gene combination and or mutation during the development of pregnancy and at the time of birth are responsible for one being born gay, there is no scientific evidence behind these claims. There has been extensive research with regards to gene combination and mutation and nothing has been found to support this claim. Due to this, homosexuality can not be classified as being the by product of biological processes. This moves to disqualify homosexuality as being biological and those who claim a person can be born gay, need other grounds to argue on other than biology [2].

            Homosexuality is a nurtured lifestyle. For one to become homosexual, they have to be influenced by their immediate surrounding. There are social, environmental, and parental variables that influence a person’s sexuality. For a person to become homosexual, the social, environmental, and parental influences have to be adjusted so as to influence them to take up this lifestyle. With this in mind, it becomes important to note that; people are not born gay, they are made gay. People are actually presented with a choice with regards to homosexuality. The choosing capacity that is employed when one refuses to become gay is the same choice capability employed when a person chooses to embrace homosexuality. To prove that homosexuality is a choice, there are different therapy groups – ex-gay reparative – that have come up with repair and reversal therapy through which people who were once gay undergo therapy to become heterosexual[3].

            Religious information is also proof that homosexual is a nurtured behavior as opposed to a natural occurrence. There is no religion that has provided evidence of homosexuality being natural. For instance, the biblical account of creation emphasizes that the first family was made up of a man and a woman. The extensive studies that have been made with regards to evolution and development of species lack evidence to back up homosexuality as being a natural occurrence[4]

            There is a rich history with regards to the topic in this paper. Two scientists were involved in extensive research of the human brain so as to establish whether being homosexual is a natural or nurtured occurrence. In their researches, Laura S. Allen and D.F. Swaab found that a section of the human brain – the anterior commissure (AC) – found in the hypothalamus was different in homosexuals as compared to heterosexuals (Steen). In homosexuals, this section of the brain was found to be significantly larger compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Due to this, there were claims that homosexuality was actually a natural occurrence. The section of the brain under study in these researches is not involved in the various processes through which sexual activity is regulated. For this cause, homosexuality cannot be classified as being a natural biological occurrence[5].

            The debate on whether homosexuality is a natural occurrence has given rise to extensive study on homosexuality in twins. There have been arguments that certain types of twins are more prone to become homosexual and this is a result of natural or biological studies. In these studies, there have been very little evidence – most of which is faulted – that tends to classify homosexuality as being a natural occurrence. For this reason, homosexuality remains to be a matter of nurturing as opposed to natural occurrence [6]

            In conclusion, it is critical to note that homosexuality has nothing to do with nature – and the biological processes therein – but has everything to do with the manner in which a person is nurtured.  The church leadership should therefore not embrace gay activity – in any capacity – within the church setting. Those who argue that homosexuality is as a result of biological processes should re-evaluate their argument by going back to the creation story and or analyzing the success presented in ex-gay reparative therapy [7]. If homosexuality was a biological occurrence, how can therapy repair this condition? If God was to allow homosexuality, He would state it in his word. Women should step up to pastor and or serve in church where need be. Homosexuality is not a matter of nature, it is a set of behaviors that are nurtured and later develop into a lifestyle and the church should not embrace this lifestyle in any capacity.


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