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Essay Editing Service Hacks: 5 Secrets Best kept from You (2018)

~Posted on Jul 2018

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Hiring the best essay editing service will cost you money and if you have no other option left and maybe your deadline is looming, then hiring one of these editing services can be a good idea since you need a professional to handle your editing work to ensure that the paper is flawless and gradable. Editing your essay can be quite hard and faced with a myriad of confusion as to which words you should keep and the ones that you ought to discard.

As a writer, once you are done working on your content you are left with one more thing which is to edit and proofread your work and this is a crucial stage in which you are expected to get rid of unwanted paragraphs, sentences that don’t make sense, articles at the end of sentence and other errors which can lead to a bad grade once your professor grades your work and as you know, no one likes to read through a piece of writing which has countless grammar errors and a poor structure with confusing ideas.

One thing that you should note is the hierarchy when it comes to writing a paper. The hierarchy demands that you edit the paper first before proofreading; proofreading should be the final step when writing a paper and therefore this means that you shouldn’t worry more about the slight grammar errors which you will encounter when working on editing the paper, focus on the structure of the paper which for example can consist of how the subject matter has been introduced, has the content been presented in a clear and logical order? Has the ideas in the paper been backed up by evidence? And finally have you concluded the paper by reinforcing your thesis?  For those who have the time to do the editing themselves then we will provide you with these handy tips to help you make your work stand out.

Strategies used By the Best Essay Editing Service

1.    Content editing

•    Ensure that you have worked on every aspect of your set of assignment instructions. Take your prompt which is the guiding path to realizing if all the instructions are included in your paper.

•    Ensure that all claims and set of discussions are consistent to avoid repetition and drifting away from the main agenda you are discussing.

•    Ensure that every point is well illustrated by the use of enough evidence which will back up your discussion.

•    Skim through your prompt and your assignment as well per paragraph to make sure that the points you have discussed are within the prompt and follow a specific path that the prompt directs.


2.    Paragraph editing

•    Ensure that your paper doesn’t lack a proper introduction and a suitable conclusion

•    Ensure that you do not miss stating your thesis at the introductory point of your paper.

•    Make sure that the paragraphs you have come up with intertwine with your thesis. This ensures that you don’t miss the point and all the discussions are well aligned to what you initially promised the reader you'd be discussing.

•    Make sure that you have sequentially arranged the paragraphs in your paper in a logic format.

•    When moving from one paragraph to another, ensure that the transition is clear and smooth so that the reader understands how the ideas are flowing through the paper.

•    Ensure that there is a topic sentence in each paragraph which is clear and self-explanatory to the reader.

•    Each paragraph should have one constant main idea, and this is to mean that there won’t be a mix of ideas once you make a transition from one paragraph to the other. This makes it easy to edit the ‘paragraph style’ since at this stage you know there is only one idea in every paragraph and therefore you can come up with an outline after writing the first draft.

3.    Sentence editing

•    Have you used jargon that might be confusing to the reader? If so, have you defined all the terms for the reader’s purpose?

•    Ensure that each sentence has a clear meaning

•    Ensure that there is consistency in tenses of verbs within the whole paper

•    Ensure that you have used the right words in the expression of your ideas

•    Ensure that you avoid wordiness, repetition, and inconsistency throughout the paper.

•    Avoid any thoughts in the paper that are incomplete and do not bring out any meaning. This can aid you in editing your paper the ‘sentence style’ which can be simply done by reading all sentences one at a time and trying to find words that are hanging and incomplete and also making sure each sentence has a smooth transition

4.    Style editing

•    Ensure that you have used the right tone which can either be formal, informal and even persuasive/argumentative

•    When editing, ensure that you vary the length and also the structure of the sentences you’ve used.

•    Active voice should be used appropriately and avoid the passive voice when writing.

•     Ensure that you have used assorted verbs and adjectives as well.

5.    Citations

•    Ensure that you have cited everything correctly including quotes paraphrases and any ideas that are from sources which are external.

•    Are your citations in the correct format

•    Use the correct format whenever you are citing since your Professor will be looking out for that. Always try to edit the paper first even before embarking on the process of proofreading which mostly is the last or final process when writing. When editing, ensure that you have focused more on the structure of your paper and concentrate less on grammar mistakes. Grammar errors should be dealt with at the proofreading stage; after editing the whole paper to meet your Professor’s expectations. Editing mostly focuses on what the prompt details and what your instructor will be able to look out for when grading which includes the structure of your essay or paper, contents in your paper, evidence supporting your ideas, the flow of the paper and interconnection of ideas.



Just a recap:

1.    Content editing

2.    Paragraph editing

3.    Sentence editing

4.    Style editing

5.    Citations

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