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Have you met the objectives of the course?

The goals of the course have been fulfilled efficiently in the process of learning. I have been able to use the graphics effectively, developed a clear and efficient writing style and organized information using a reader-based approach to making it readable and appealing. Moreover, there has been learning how to develop professional work and team habits and design a clear, persuasive, and accessible document. As the course [progressed and also developing the project, I have been able to learn how to gather, interpret and record information in a manner that is logical, ethical and efficient meeting the desired outcomes of the course. By creating the final project, I have also been able to choose and use the appropriate or the expected format necessary for presenting the information in a professional manner. Therefore, all the objectives of the technical writing course have been met.


What was the most important element of technical writing and communication that you learned this term?

The most important component of technical writing and communication taught the course is the presentation and tone of a professional work. The presentation and the tone of professional work differ in a major way from other fictional literature that may be available. A technical writing ought to be accurate and based on facts and not just mere suggestions or assumptions. A technical writing piece must be presented in a format that is consistent, coherent, and easily understandable. The message that the writer intends to pass should always come out openly and not just leave the audience or the reader guessing what the author aims at or was trying to communicate. The structure allows for basing and outlining of known facts then using empirical evidence to support such claims or facts. The readers of a technical writer get the conclusion at the beginning, which is followed by, evidence that is supporting the conclusion. Moreover, the technical writing presentation and tone advocates for the information to be put in a concise and clear manner that does not leave any room for ambiguity or uncertainty. It is because, the information is well researched, and contains facts are confirmed before the technical writer presents such information.


How can you use the above element of technical writing in your career field or future courses?

Having learnt such a professional structure and tone of writing as a technical writer, it gives one the competitive edge in the professional world and careers in the future. It is because; the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently is the most important skill for every job that an individual may hold. A skill is invaluable to engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers among others. It is because, without the skills of a technical writer for presenting their work or cases, their best works may be lost in confused communication. It is because, as a technical writer, the presentation and the tone differ in a great way from other styles of writing. The presentation and tone of a professional writer emphasize on conciseness and unambiguity. Being straight to the point and clear offers an invaluable advantage for an individual at all forms of formal communication and may set the remarkable difference between those that win and those that lose professional opportunities.

Do you feel your final project offers a concrete example of your skills as a technical writer? Explain your answer.

The final project offers an accurate example of my skills as a technical writer. It is because; it contains all the elements of technical writing and communication. Moreover, it fulfills the purpose of technical writing. The primary goal of technical writing is to provide complex information that will assist a person to understand more about a particular item or situation and explains how an object or element works. The final project that I made has met the purpose of technical writing in that it aims at providing information regarding the essence of helmet wearing to the public. It also uses a systematic study to explain how a helmet saves the life of a motorist in case of a fatal accident. It gives recommendations for having universal helmet wearing laws for all the riders and provides an explanation and demonstration of how it works through a graphic analysis that supports the explanations thus assisting the readers understand more about the essence of the legislation.

The final project also contains all the characteristics of an efficient technical writing. It is because; it is clear and straightforward in that it sticks to the subject matter from the beginning to the end. It also follows a format that gives a flow of the factual arguments that are easily understandable by the readers. The language used is also very direct and easy for everyone to read. There are no jargons used and hence can be easily understood by the language used is direct and straight to the point. The final project is also very structured, which is an important characteristic of a technical writing. It has an obvious composition following some of the universally accepted formats and hence makes it easier for the audience to access the information they need with ease. 

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