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The success of any organization is dependent on the commitment laid in managing its marketing activity. Other than selling the organizational position to the customers within the target market segment, the marketing activity also help in establishing an appreciable relationship between the organization and the customers. However, there are important factors that must be acknowledged in organizing a marketing activity. Such factors must be properly underlined within the marketing plan (Achoui, 2009). Among such factors include the organizational financial position, a proper understanding of the target market segment, and the importance of the marketing activity in the organizational progress and prosperity. It is also important to acknowledge the best approach that would ensure a positive outcome for the strategized marketing activity.

            The Target Corporation plans to expand its operation to the Saudi Arabian market. However, it has to achieve a proper understanding of the market before it emphasizes exploiting the given market segment. In this essence, it is important that the company organize a prominent marketing research within the Saudi Arabian market. It is through the marketing activity that the organization will be able to acknowledge the customers from the target market segment about their commitment to satisfying their retail-based product needs. However, a proper planning of the entire activity will promote a positive outcome in their commitment to the Saudi Arabian market exploration (Al-Hudhaif & Alkubeyyer, 2011). For that matter, it is important to achieve the marketing plan to portray a good understanding of the organizational position as far as the Saudi Arabian expansion strategy is concerned. The marketing plan will be subjected towards understanding the internal structure of the Target Corporation and its commitment to handling its challenges as it utilizes its opportunities in fully exploiting the Saudi Arabian market.

Marketing Function

The marketing function of the Target Corporation is the role that the organization must play in motivating its attempt within the new Saudi Arabian market structure (Al-Maghrabi, Dennis, & Vaux Halliday, 2011). Here, such roles must originate from the internal structure of the organization.  For example, such roles would include the laid approach in meeting the organizational mission, vision, the organizational business objectives, and promotional attempts to its products and services.  

Mission and Vision

            The success of the Target Corporation has been based on its commitment to promoting its vision and mission. In that, all the laid strategies and a business decision have always been factored for the benefit of the organizational mission and vision. In fact, the organizational vision and mission have always dictated the organizational culture of operation. However, being a business-oriented organization that deals in the retail products to its target consumers, the organizational vision has always been geared towards motivating its success based on the commitment of an overwhelming number of the market consumers (AlGhamdi, Drew, & Al‐Ghaith, 2011). Meaning, the organizational mission, and vision have always been achieved for ensuring appreciable management practices that motivate the actions of the target customers towards purchasing the organizational products. The organizational vision statement is, “Guided commitments to great value, the community, diversity, and the environment.” On the other hand, the target mission revolves around, “making Target the preferred shopping destination for our guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling our Expect More. Pay Less.” The organization is planning to utilize both its mission and vision in promoting its expansion strategies within the Saudi Arabian market.

Business Objective

            The achieved business commitment in the organizational expansion process is facilitated through concrete compliance to its objectivities. The organizational objectivities have been structured in compliance with the organizational vision and mission. Moreover, the establishment of the objectives is promoted based on the organizational business position and its management ability to empower the achieved objectivity. In this essence, as far as the strategized Saudi Arabian expansion process is concerned, the organization has objectivized on ensuring a full commitment of the customers from the targeted Saudi Arabian market segment (Alfuraih, 2008). Relevantly, in achieving the full utilization of the Saudi Arabian customers, the organization has objectivized on promoting quality services among its customers. The quality objectivity has been formulated to ensure appreciable management culture in handling its decision-making process. Here, the organization plans to utilize a management structure that provides an opportunity for all the organizational stakeholders in factoring relevant decision.  

Product and Services

            The organizational product and services embrace a typical retail compliance business. Of course, the organization works on providing such retail-based services for its customers. Here, among the products in which the organization focus on include home compliances, beauty products, pharmaceutical products and services, kitchen products, and entertainment facilities among others (Alwiya & Jolly, 2016). In this essence, considering the cultural practices of the Saudi Arabian customers, the organization is planning to either fully incorporate the current products and services as they are or alter its current nature of the products and services to fit the cultural values of customers from the Saudi Arabian market segment.

Marketing Plan

            The marketing plan encourages the manner in which the organizational commitment in selling its business activities to the customers will be achieved. Here, there are certain factors that have to be given a considerable attention (Amr & Mohamad, 2017). Among such factors is the actual position of the organization and its capability to influence or explore the target market segment. In this essence, the marketing plan is to analyze the internal structure of the Target organization and how it intends to influence the new Saudi Arabian market segment. The analysis process is achieved through the use of SWOT Analysis.

SWOT Analysis

            The SWOT analysis is an acronym for strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT analysis is normally used in understanding the internal position of an organization. However, given the committed understanding of the internal structure of the organization, the SWOT analysis can also be utilized in understanding the external position of the business environment. Here, the analysis normally focuses on the internal position of the organization in handling the external factors portrayed by the targeted business environment.  


            The strength of the organization is achieved based on the relevant advantages that the organization has, which would positively influence its commitment to the new Saudi Arabian market. Other than having an enabling environment for encouraging better management decisions, the organizational management system and the leadership structure within the Target organization (Avinash, Jamal, Mohammed, & Shaza, 2012). The organizational management system is composed of professional decision makers with encouraging experiences to motivate the organizational performance within the new market for expansion. In this essence, the organization is planning to utilize its capable management system in exploring the newly strategized Saudi Arabian market.


            The weakness of the Target Corporation is based on the level at which it has strategized its market commitment. The organization deals with a specific customer category. The organizational products are based on serving the needs of the younger generation. Such kind of business approaches would negatively influence the organizational progress and prosperity as far as its Saudi Arabian business expansion is concerned (Achoui, 2009). However, the organization has planned to ensure changes in its target customers. The organization has strategized to incorporate all customers within the Saudi Arabian market segment.


            The opportunity within the Target Corporative is viewed based on the necessary advantages that the organization can exploit in managing its expansion activity. Most people within the Saudi Arabian market like using the internet in handling buying activities. In this essence, the organization has planned to motivate its operational activities to include the online buying in influencing its newly strategized Saudi Arabian market. Relevantly, most of the Saudi Arabians prefer spending their time in the mall (Al-Hudhaif & Alkubeyyer, 2011). In fact, they perform their business activities at the mall. Here, the organization has planned to establish its structure within the mall. Therefore, the organization will be able to utilize as many customers as possible within the target market. 


            The threat to the organization can be viewed based on the negative influences that the external environment can install in the organizational progress and prosperity. The major threat as far as the organizational commitment in utilizing the Saudi Arabian is the high level of competition within the industry in which the organization operates (Al-Maghrabi, Dennis, & Vaux Halliday, 2011). There are many organizations that deal with the retail activity. For that matter, the company is likely to face difficulty in maintaining its business pace given the existence of such retail-based organization within the Saudi Arabian market. However, the company is planning to embrace uniqueness in the level of its services to its customers within the Saudi Arabian market.

Micro and Macro Environments

            The micro and macro environment analysis play important role in the business analysis. Particularly, as far as marketing matter is concerned, the micro and macro environment understanding greatly help in motivating personal understanding about the position of an organization in handling its marketing opportunities and challenges. In this essence, as far as the Saudi Arabian expansion is concerned, the microenvironment aids in achieving a concrete analysis of the Target Corporation as far as its ability to ensure a full enjoyment of the target market is concerned (AlGhamdi, Drew, & Al‐Ghaith, 2011). The microanalysis focuses on such matters as an organizational management system. Here, the Target Corporation has achieved a personal understanding of its management structure in preparation for the new market structure in Saudi Arabia. Other than establishing an enabling environment that would invite all the concerned stakeholders in the organizational expansion decision, the organization has taken prompt consideration in the diversity of its employees to promote an appreciable compliance to cultural issues within the new market system.

            The company has also invested much of its attention in the market-based decisions. The market environment is the macro environmental factors. The macro environmental factors form the basis of internal management decisions. Here, the Target Corporation has strategized on promoting appreciable concern to the macro environmental factors as the main target that would motivate its influence within the newly targeted market segment (Alfuraih, 2008). The organization has planned to ensure a concrete and evaluation analysis of the external environmental factors, with more attention on the cultural values that would influence the conducts of the Saudi Arabian customers in satisfying their retail-based in needs

Customer Mutual and Beneficial Relationship

The organizational customers are the important component of organizational stakeholders. There are the consumers of all the organizational activities, Meaning, the organizational activities would not have existed without the presence of customers. Funny enough, the organizational customers must always be sourced and retained through appreciable relationship (Avinash, Jamal, Mohammed, & Shaza, 2012). The appreciable relationship, here, means a considerable attention to the needs of the customers. Understanding and satisfying the needs of the customers is the ultimate way through which the Target organization can ascertain mutual and beneficial relationship with its customers.

The Target Corporation Plans to implement any necessary requirement that would motivate the interest of its customers to its retail-based products. Here, the organization has maintained its quality-based approach in ascertaining good customer relationship. For that matter, professional compliance coupled with ethical consideration would motivate forms the basis of evaluating the commitment of its employees towards meeting the organizational objectivities (Amr & Mohamad, 2017). Therefore, in enhancing professional compliance to a mutual and beneficial relationship with the customers from the targeted Saudi Arabian market.

Customer Decision-Making Process

            The customer decision encompasses such factors related to the choices made in regard to the goods and services supplied within the market. The decisions of the customers are always one of the business worries that must always be given considerable attention in managing business objectivity (Achoui, 2009). In fact, most of the business objectivities normally revolve around nurturing the understood decisions of the target customers. Here, the Target Corporation has ventured on ensuring appreciable resources that would motivate the decisions of its customers towards liking its services within the Saudi Arabian market. The organization has planned to ensure uniqueness as the ultimate way of encouraging appreciable response to the decisions of its target customers within the Saudi Arabian market structure.

Market Research

            The market research is the basis of inquiring about the nature of any given market as far as the position of the business in satisfying the market is concerned. The market research mainly aims at ensuring that the organizational products and services satisfy the needs of the target customers. In this essence, the market research would involve understanding the nature of the customers contained within the targeted Saudi Arabian market system. Therefore, the Target Corporation plans to ensure that it utilizes the most appropriate approach in inquiring about the concerns and the nature of the Saudi Arabian market (Al-Hudhaif & Alkubeyyer, 2011). Among the planned basis of achieving the market research is through online research portals. The company will utilize the websites that analyze different cultural values that marks the identity of the Saudi Arabian market in understanding the nature of the customer that it plans to serve.

Market Segments Evaluation

            The ultimate market segment of concern as far as the planned expansion is concerned is the Saudi Arabian market. Here, the organization plans to invest in different market segments within the country. However, the evaluation criteria of every market segment within the target markets within Saudi Arabia will be achieved based on the best product that fits the tastes and preferences of different customers from such market segments (AlGhamdi, Drew, & Al‐Ghaith, 2011). In this essence, the organization will be able to motivate its outcome within the Saudi Arabian market.

Product and Services Management

            The organization deals with retail-based products and services. Here, the management of the product will be achieved to promote customer satisfaction. In that, the nature of the product, the quality, and the quantity will be based on the different level of satisfaction as achieved by the different market segments (Alfuraih, 2008). Particularly, the economic position of every market segment would dictate the nature of prices value attached to the product. For example, those individuals with the well-off economies will be addressed with prices that fit their economic capabilities. However, regardless of the economic levels of the different market segments within the targeted Saudi Arabian market, the ultimate management decision will be based on quality.


            The best approach that would offer a potential ground for customer satisfaction revolves around quality compliance services. Quality, here, means the ability of the provided product or services to satisfy the need of the customer as expected by the customer himself or herself. In this essence, the plan by the Target Corporation to promote quality performance is the best choice of action given the nature of the market is planned to explore. The Saudi Arabian customers are always identified with their classic choices. In fact, prices are not always a problem as long as one satisfies their religious values (Alwiya & Jolly, 2016). In this essence, the company must pay more attention to culture as it tries to satisfy the needs of the customers within the target Saudi Arabian market segment. 

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