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A healthy workforce is within the best interest of any company, since it serves as a tactical asset. Most employers want to bring in and maintain the best promising talent into their companies. As a result of the increasing cost of health care, companies are paying more attention to the critical amounts of work time that is lost to employee’ illness. Most companies are making relentless efforts to contain the costs and have gone ahead to take steps to decrease the amount of absence as a result of medical appointments along with absenteeism by assessing the business effect of wellness programs. Illness-linked absence is a clear factor in lost productivity. Even though less obvious, but also significant, is presenteeism.  At the point when individuals come to work but they end up failing to meet expectations as a result of ailment, the consolidated expenses of lost profitability can be higher than the expenses of wellbeing protection. Exploration has demonstrated an in number association between great wellbeing and its constructive outcome on an organization's business. The World Economic Forum has reported the consequences of having a sound workforce. Drawn in workers are better performing representatives. It's straightforward: an organization's dedication to its workforce helps representatives feel more dedicated to the organization. Drawn in workers will be reliable, exhibit inspiration, and perform at an above-normal level. In one representative fulfillment study concentrated on "vocation prosperity" the outcomes showed that just "29% of U.S. laborers are locked in at work and just 11% are locked in all inclusive." The connected with specialists with high vocation prosperity are fulfilled by the practices and approaches of the organization and flourishing in their workplace. Basically, they're cheerful at work. They give back that fulfillment and bliss through commitment to their occupation obligations and have higher creation rates. "Since they appreciate what they do once a day, those with high profession prosperity finish more." Alongside worker engagement, maintenance is critical for organizations to be as focused as would be prudent. An organization's wellbeing and health system is a deciding element for potential representatives when picking a manager. "An organization is four times more inclined to experience a misfortune in capable specialists in the following year if representatives are not fulfilled by health advancement." Implementing a very much planned wellbeing project will likewise help workers stay with an organization for more periods. No less than 64 percent of those specialists, who are fulfilled by wellbeing advancement, plan to stay at least five years at that organization. Enlisting and preparing new representatives to supplant lost ability is an exorbitant procedure for an organization. Most organizations might want to diminish or dodge this example through and through. Another advantage of a wellbeing system is that once actualized, turnover rates fall and organization fulfillment increments. Fulfilled, solid workers have lower turnover rates and lower wellbeing costs. "Organizations spend about $1,948 less on human services costs" more than two years for each fulfilled laborer versus a troubled specialist. And for each 10,000 representatives, organizations can spare more or less $19.5 million. These are significant expense investment funds, both fleeting and long haul for organizations. Work fulfillment, which is likewise imperative to accomplishing engagement and maintenance, is joined with a representative's wellbeing.

Focus Groups

The focus group that I utilized in this research typically consisted of 10 of my fellow workmates in finding out whether healthier employees are more productive and better employees. This is because these individuals were consistent with the targeted group as they were all in the corporate sector. This focus group provided a sort of middle ground between the other research methods. During this process, I also set parameters for the development of the focus group that I had selected. This was in relation to making sure that the participants whom I had selected to be part of this research have a vast experience on the topic which was under investigation, that is, Corporate Health and Wellness. The focus group that I selected to use in my study also takes advantage of the in-depth that interviews afford. Focus group research entailed organized discussion with the group that I had selected with the aim of gaining information regarding their perspectives on the topic of Corporate Health and Wellness. This research method is specifically best-suited in obtaining several opinions that relates to my area of research. The role of this focus group was that they were used at the preliminary stages of the topic which was under study so as to evaluate a particular list of activities.

Effect Of Health Promotion Programs in the Corporate Sector

The adequacy of wellbeing advancement projects is testing. An expense viability investigation may bring about immediate and circuitous results. Direct variables are identified with expense investment funds and efficiency information while roundabout ones may be harder to watch yet they are connected to worker maintenance and fulfillment (Finch, 2005). There are various all around grounded studies that partner the beneficial outcomes that these projects have on direct expenses. In any case, the effect that wellbeing advancement projects have on circuitous variables may be dark, particularly since quantifiable measures may be hard to acquire (Sherman, 2002). A few studies demonstrate regardless that a larger part of superintendents that offer wellbeing projects couldn't distinguish the arrival on venture per dollar spent (Many Health Employers Offer Wellness Programs, 2006). With everything taken into account, most research demonstrates that healthier way of life propensities help with lessening medicinal services expenses, enhancing profitability while upgrading representative fulfillment and maintenance. Measures material to deciding the viability of these projects vary from the point of view of different partners. For the medicinal services master, a decline in wellbeing.

Current Situation: Top executives at Progressive have been looking at reasons for employee health issues, lack of motivation, and overall obesity of employees. Executives were able to gather this information from employee surveys, biometric screenings and health questionnaires. By having employees fill out surveys to see where they are health wise and making them anonymous will get a lot of valuable information. Biometric screenings will allow the company to get results of blood work and other medical issues while offering their employees a discount on health insurance. With the rising rate of obesity in America and in the corporate world there needs to be some change to help corporate America. Progressive is more of a sit behind a desk job for 8-10 hours a day 5-6 days a week. The lack of movement and exercise can cause employees to gain weight, lose motivation to work and stay healthy. By working different shifts it forces employees to eat unhealthy, eat fast food and eat weird hours.

Problem: The main problem with the lack of corporate health and wellness is time off due to health concerns, ongoing decline of health and even death. By not being healthy or being overweight can cause serious medical conditions such as heart attacks or strokes, diabetes, joint pain, and even death. Employees today eat more fast food or fatty food and don’t exercise or have little exercise in their daily regimen.

Research Objectives: The main goal is to find out if healthier employees are more productive and better employees. Corporate life needs to have healthy employees and needs to make sure that there are plans in force to ensure that employees are getting proper exercise and eating healthy.


The Research entailed the application of quantitative research design in finding out if healthier employees are more productive and better employees.. The quantitative approach was chosen since it recognizes less the subjectivity of the researcher in the study and it focuses on the relationships that exist between dissimilar variables as well as it can create a cause and effect in circumstances that are very controlled. In addition, the quantitative research design is more reliable, objective and makes the assumption that the sample represents the entire population. The statistical approach of a quantitative research design can be used to make a generalization of the findings.


Data Analysis

I administered a survey to 10 fellow employees and friends to see how well corporate health and wellness plays a role in their lives. This survey asked questions ranging from exercise frequency to eating habits. This survey will allow me to determine what can be changed to improve the health of employees and boost morale in the workplace. I received the results of the survey and have analyzed all the data. I edited the data by making sure all questions were answered and that there weren’t any trends that showed that someone didn’t answer properly or put forth effort. Once I edited everything to ensure accuracy I started the coding process. I assigned a numeric value based on responses to each answer. Once all 10 surveys were received and values added up I put all the information into a chart and spread sheet to analyze where we stand. After reviewing all numeric values and seeing what the trend was I looked at everything for errors and to ensure there were no personal bias in the data and questions.


 The descriptive statistics that will be employed to show the data are based on the numeric value. I used values ranging from 1-3 based on answers. 1 is the lowest or least likely and 3 being the highest and most likely. This will allow for people to view the research and statistics and understand why each answer has the value it does and it’s easier to move forward with the research with few variables. I believe that if there are to many variables in the research then it can have to many outcomes, which will make the research to stretched out from what the researcher is looking for.

Corporate health and wellness experiments can be either a true experiment or a quasi-experiment. Based on my research on this topic and the different facts and ideas that I have accumulated, I have decided that this topic is a true experiment. Corporate health and wellness is a true experiment due to it involves random allocation of subjects to treatment allocations. Corporate health and wellness is a true experiment because it takes multiple people and aspects to get results. You can use this type with any company or business and get the same results. It does take a random group of people and questions or activities to get results and develop a hypothesis.

 The hypothesis I derived from this research on this topic comes from the research question “what needs to change”. There are many things that need’s to change and my hypothesis is that by implementing different options for employees, and experimenting with those options a company can improve corporate health and wellness. By taking employees and offering them incentives to eat better and healthier, workout more, and increase daily productivity, a company will increase employee morale and overall productivity.

 After reviewing my hypothesis I have come to the conclusion that the more research done on corporate health and wellness the more that can be done to implement it into the workplace. To have a high level of health and wellness in the corporate world there are many factors that have to be considered. The first is do the employees want to change. Second is, is there a way to implement change that benefits the company and the employees. Finally can this change be done at a reasonable cost to both employees and the company? 

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