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Albinism is a condition which is caused by the defect where the body has failed to produce the pigment melanin usually found in the eyes, skin, and hair. The people with these conditions in my area are going through various challenges which call for serious action to be taken so that they can be protected. Because of their coloring, the people of all races with albinism face much discrimination and ignorance in this community and the rest part of the world. Besides, many myths are associated with albino which lead primitive people to exploit their vulnerability; some believe that sleeping with them can cure HIV/AIDS. Others have been slaughtered by the witch doctor since their organs are considered lucky and can be used as magic portions. Therefore, there is a need to take the serious step which will help in saving this group of people and restore their dignity. There is a need to convince others who have erroneously believed the myth concerning albino that there normal human beings like other who deserve to be respected.

There is a severe health risk that is associated with albino which calls for action to save them. Studies show that developing the skin cancer is a thousand times higher to albinos in comparison with others. Besides, the children who suffer from albinism have higher chances of developing the blisters on their skins when exposed to too much sunlight. In the most region, the effect of the sunlight leads to the leathery, shiny and inflamed skin. Besides, the individual with albinism have some abnormalities in their white blood cells which are part of the immune system; this condition predisposes them to infections since their body lacks the capacity to fight diseases. Many of them also suffer from the peripheral neuropathy which is a condition that causes the peripheral nerves demonstrate some abnormality which leads to a decreased sensation such as burning or tingling. Also, albinism is associated with the abnormality in the platelets, condition that predisposes them to regular bleeding. Irregular functioning of the platelets has a great effect and interferes with the proper operation of the intestines, lungs and other organs. ("Visual Cortex Defects in Albinos," 2015)

Based on the statistical data presented by the county health department, more than 50% of people living in albinism suffers in silence since they fear to go to the health centers where they face much discrimination from the doctors who do not accord them respect and dignity as others. Some of them are charged higher to get the health services compared to other people with normal skins. Their children are no exception, they experience a hard time in school and mocked by other children who do not believe albino are rational human beings. The agencies that fight for the welfare of people living with albinism explain that albino faces many challenges in their attempt to get the quality education in our schools. The teachers do quite little to help them and teach other children that albino is normal human beings who needs to be handled with respect and dignity. There other non-governmental organization who can carry out a research concerning this group of people and have demonstrated that they have been neglected even by the leadership of the country. In most cases, albinos don’t have their representatives in leadership who can be able to address their plight effectively. They have been forgotten even by the government of the day; she is doing nothing to help this marginalized group and enable them to improve their lifestyles. 

The state’s health demonstrates that most of the medical facilities needed by this group of people are not available in the health centers, a situation that worsens their condition further. Albinos are isolated, in every social gathering, there are not supposed to mix with others. They are always in small groups since most people believe that this condition is a disease that can spread to others. Hence, they are neglected in the social setting and excluded when discussing the pressing matters that are affecting the community which they are part of. More so, some misguided cultures worsen the plight of the albinos in this community, quite a large of people believe that albinism is a curse, hence should not be allowed to mix with others. Worse still, others believe that they should not be allowed to live since they will spread the curse to the whole community. Therefore, my program seeks to educate people so that they can do away with the misconception they hold against the albinos. Am planning to have a session with every member of this community at different times when they are available and teach them concerning the albinisms so that they can understand what it is. My goal is to have everyone appreciate that albino are the human being who needs to be treated like others in the community. I will advocate for their empowerment and provision of the conducive atmosphere so that they can be able to exercise their potential which will help in solving the problems and challenges which this society experiences from time to time. (Demont, 2014)

There are various method my program will overcome the cultural as well as the social difference concerning albinism in my community. I will encourage the teachers to start teaching concerning the albinism at the early age so that children can grow up with that knowledge. I will have a platform with people who attend the social institutions such as churches, mosques, and temples and encourage them to acknowledge the albinos in such institutions through involving them in their affairs and according to them the leadership positions. These institutions have a significant influence in the society, and once they empower the albinos in their midst, it will be adopted by everyone in the society. The government should also appreciate albinisms and have stern measures to those people who are fond of inflicting pain and suffering on them due to misguided culture and bad teaching which they have received concerning this group of people. I will work closely with the organizations that fight for the rights of the minority and marginalized individuals in the society. I will urge them to intensify their efforts in ensuring that albinos are appreciated, and their dignity is restored in the society. I will mobilize people and organization of the like mind to fight so that the discrimination that is experienced in the social amenities such as the school, hospitals, and religious institutions to come to an end. The hospitals and other medical centers should have enough facilities to take care of the albinos. Therefore, with time my program will ensure that this vulnerable population is respected and their grievances well handled by the relevant authority.  

There are many organizations have shown willingness to work with me as I implement my program and empower the albinos in the society. These organizations majors on albinos and the ways which they can stop the mistreatment, suffering, and exploitation which they go through in the hands of people who should be taking good care of them. However, for the interest of time, I chose two organizations that I felt are enough and will help me meet my goals. One of them is the Salif Keita Global Foundation which brings the global plight of people with albinism to the media attention. It advocates for their rights as well social integration. Besides, it raises the fund to provide them with free educational services and health care in the United State, Africa and to the rest part of the world. The director of this organization is Mr. Keita who is American journalist and activists. The other organization which I will work with is the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation. Its primary role is to educate the society concerning albinism and how to make them feel loved and appreciated. It has various programs to enlighten the society the steps it ought to take to provide a friendly environment for albinos. It has impacted many people; the results are more outstanding.

These organizations will be beneficial in my program. Being in operation for a long time, they have enough knowledge concerning how one can do to impact the albinos. They have a network of people who are willing to volunteer their time and resources in offering service to my programs. The experience which the directors of the organization have in working with albinos for years will be quite resourceful in the implementation of my programs. They will help me get the skills and the relevant knowledge based on the steps I need to take so that I can be more impactful to the albinism society. Having worked and well connected with the government based on their excellent work, they will connect me with the governmental authority that can hold my hands and work with me in delivering the services that are based on empowering and fighting for the rights of this group of people. Hence, my program will be more established, and now I will be able to offer outstanding services to the albinos. I will have the resources that I will use in carrying out the campaigns in every part while educating people concerning the albinos.

Besides, these organizations will help in providing to the albino society the services that are not offered in my programs. For instance the counseling services for people who have lost hope and feel like they reached to the end of the road based on the mistreatment and discrimination they face. The Salif Keita Global Foundation has the right facilities to offer free counseling to this group. More so, they have enough funds to provide financial help to the albinos who come from the needy background. Some of them have been neglected and disowned by their parents, and therefore they have no one to take the right care of them. They struggle to earn a living and get the necessities of life; others do not get the primary education due to financial challenges. These organizations have enough funds to assist those who leave in abject poverty. (Lund, 2012)

There are four funding agencies which have shown the willingness to offer the financial support to my program. One of them is Adoption Opportunities, which is a federal government funding agency whose objective is to facilitate the welfare and provision of a permanent as well as the loving environment for the children without parents of who have neglected especially those who have special needs such as the albinism, and the disabled infants. The director was very impressed by my program and promised to fund it and to stand with me in the whole process. The administration of the Arizona State is another potential funding sources; the government has been quite supportive of my program. It is because this state has quite a big number of albinos. Besides, The Human Right Watch which is a non-profit organization has shown a great willingness to support my program. It is an organization, which fight for the rights of the people in the society. An Action Against Hunger is a profit organization that promised of the support. It majors on providing food to marginalized people who lives in abject poverty. To fully be helped by these agencies, I have to have a good work plan and demonstrate the goals I want to achieve in future. I have to prove that I have no selfish interest, but my motive is to empower the albinos and brighten their future. Besides, I had to show what I have done in the past to achieve my vision; it was meant to prove whether am consistent or not to find out if am worthy of assisted.

In conclusion, this program is a noble task that will go a long way in restoring the dignity of the albinos. For too long their cry and grievances have gone unheard, and it’s time to go to their aid and have them feel that they are part and parcel of the society. They are our brothers and sisters whose only difference is the nature of their creation and therefore no reason to mistreat them.   

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