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Teenage Development Aid App


           At whatever stage of life, one is in; we all encounter several hitches that we may not know how to address. These challenges can either mold us into better people in future or destroy us depending on how we handle them when they present. It is for this reason that I would love to start an app that helps teenagers to navigate through their teenage stage. As we all know, teenagers are young adults who are struggling with a new phase of life that prepares them for new responsibilities. It is, therefore, the most turbulent phase of life.


        This app will mostly target the teenagers, their parents, and developmental psychologists. With the increase in technology, most children have computers and other communication gadgets that they can use to download the app. Here they can type in their questions and get answers instantly.


        At this stage, teenagers border between adults and children. They, therefore, are obliged make a distinction of who they are. Psychologically, they now begin to understand the repercussions of their actions and decisions both now and in future. Hence they make more realistic decisions based on their conscience. Physically they start to experience body changes that could be disturbing. They often find themselves questioning some of the changes, and others have no clue how to embrace them.  This transitioning would be a little easier if they had a place to run to for advice and directions.


       Professionally, the app will provide an interaction platform where developmental psychologists are able to interact with their clients. Teenagers may tend to hold up information on a one on one interaction. However, behind the screen, they are able to open up more to their counselors. The application will also help psychologists who cannot be able to set up an office to attend to their clients online hence cost effective.


        In conclusion, this application will bring a revolutionary change to teenage development to both parents and the teenagers.          






 There's an App for That! Replies to Two Classmates


 Reply to DB Forum 4

In the contemporary world, smartphones and their apps have become our way of life. The most important apps of today, however, are those that enhance our lives and are therefore beneficial. The prenatal development app for expectant mothers is a very lucrative and beneficial one. Personally, I like the purpose of building this app which is to make the pregnancy experience great in all the possible ways for both the mother and the child. The most important part is that it can serve pregnant moms from all walks of life and all ages and help them do what is right for their condition. This has much to do with the general well-being of pregnant women which is crucial for them and their unborn baby regardless of the help be it physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally. The idea of including the best types of foods to eat is also very useful as this matters as far as the development of the fetus is concerned. As Nevid (2015) puts it, “a pregnant woman requires adequate nutrition for the health of the fetus as well as her own” (p.324). Inspirational Scriptures can come in handy to kick out boredom and comfort pregnant women when they’re in solitude while strengthening their faith and sanity at the same time. Similarly, activities such as games among others would help keep the stress levels of expectant mothers down since frustrations are not conducive to their unborn babies.

The flexibility of this app and its diverse list of things found in various categories of this app is also a vibrant idea. This means the app can assist any pregnant woman in need regardless of the solution they are trying to find. In matters regarding questions expectant mothers might have, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page would be prudent. Useful information in the form of suggestions according to what the user feels is equally important to expectant mothers. This would work best on areas like food nutrition, regular exercises and things to do when stressed or in pain. All in all, the app sounds great to me.


Reply to Juanita Artis

I have to admit that creativity is evident in this app. The idea generated here can be useful in filling a gap in an untapped area. I’m sure most parents (especially young ones and first timers) in the modern world have difficulty raising their children since they have no experience at all. This app would be an opportunity for such parents to have a forum they can learn from and raise their kids better especially in a healthy manner. This would be a solution to any worries or questions these first-time parents may be having as far as the growth and early development of the child is concerned. As you have mentioned the period between the ages of birth and preschool years, I couldn’t help but think that these are the years during which babies need critical care as they develop while learning how to speak or even walk. Most first time parents would have a problem finding out what the kid wants especially when they cry for no reason because they do not talk until several years pass. The app sounds great if it addresses issues to do with the way babies react to life changes, environments or situations rather than providing confirmation of day to day milestones.

If it has to offer support and relief to first-time parents, then that means it has to provide useful tips and information that these parents can utilize to raise their kids better. Using the child’s age and narrowing down to an area of interest to get precise information can be a plus. Using age can be easier to navigate since the ages here will be few (up to preschool age). The privacy is also paramount since it’s also true that some users would not want to be seen as parents who do not know how to raise a child. However, I doubt if doctors would use this app. Indeed, this app can be such a great investment if developed well and can save on costs.                                                        



Nevid, J. S. (2015). Essentials of psychology: Concepts and applications (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning


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