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Leadership is an aspiration of many people, but only a few accomplish in full measure. Hort defines it as “a blend of charisma, strength of mind, resourcefulness, inspiration, integrity, confidence, a sense of responsibility, and the capacity to communicate (23).” George Washington possessed all these traits and were therefore ironical that even though he was a thriving leader, he by no means aspired to be one. Among the forty-four United States of America Presidents in history, President George Washington stands out as one who did justice to this nation. There are many reasons that support President George Washington as the best to be in the Oval Office. This essay intends to elaborate on the opinion as to why President George Washington ranks as the exceptional President that the United States ever had.

The greatness of George Washington’s can be evaluated by how he accomplished three significant responsibilities during the foundation of the United States; as the Continental Army chief commander, as head of the Constitutional Convention, as well as the United States of America first President. He was collectively nominated by the delegates of the Continental Congress on June 15, 1775 because of his honesty and reputation as a colonial military commander (Burns, James & Susan 98). George Washington formed the Continental Army through his organizational and managerial skillfulness together with the trust of his soldiers, which brought together a fighting force that was fought and conquered the British. 

George Washington’s character and leadership skills were exemplary in the formation of the United States. These qualities were resourceful in making him help the United States to triumph in the Revolutionary war in the year 1797. George Washington’s effective leadership skills were pivotal in keeping the United States forces as one (Burns, James & Susan 98). Following the conclusion of the war, many U.S. citizens recommended that George Washington should be King but he would not accept that. This proves that he was a selfless person, with the interest of the nation preceding his personal ones.  King George III, who was George Washington greatest enemy, once asked Benjamin West- American painter, what Washington would do after the gain of independence.  Benjamin responded that people say that he will go back to his farm. As a result, King George III stated that, “If indeed it is true that George Washington has declined to be King, then he is the greatest man on earth.” This was a smart as well as a noble choice. Most of the people would not let the chance to become King or Queen to pass them.

During the failure of the articles of confederation, Washington's leadership expertise in came in handy. The nation was at the verge of falling apart, and George Washington spearheaded the Congress in drafting the constitution. According to Hort, “After the passing of the United States constitution, his role as a leader was regarded as imperative that he was strongly persuaded to become president by many people (112).”  As the United States President, George Washington was the only one who was collectively elected by the Electoral College as well as the only one who did not in fact want the job. By refusing requests to search for a third term in the presidency, Washington set the standard for United States presidents.

Washington was not the best President because he prevailed in the Revolutionary War, or because he was the first president — though both contributed to it. He made a sequence of essential choices regarding the Presidency that oversee its fundamental operations at present. Washington took the initiative in implementing the rule of law and pursued his personal understanding of the U.S. Constitution. He as well developed diplomatic relations with other nations and set the United States’s foreign policy.

Making the United States Constitution to work was one of the primary goals of George Washington. After giving the Proclamation of Neutrality, he individually guided 13,000 armed forces to put the federal tax law into effect.  Following the refusal by Backwoodsmen in the western Pennsylvania to pay tax for the whiskey manufactured, violence broke out. The concern of Washington was that if this small group could dictate the central government on what to do, lawlessness and confusion would follow.  However, he wanted a strong central administration under the new U.S. Constitution. Washington recognized that for the United States of America to survive, people had to comply with, and respect the power possessed by the federal government. As a result, Washington’s illustration of force made the Whiskey Rebellion to disintegrate without any bloodshed (Mann 54).

In addition, Washington led the United States with frugality as well as selflessness. During his service as commander of the Continental Army all through the Revolutionary War, he declined to accept any payment, although he was compensated by Congress for operating expenses that had accumulated during the war. Washington’s ethical form of leadership is eternal. In all the things he said and did, he acknowledged the spirit of the American Revolution. He was a leader worth following as he was the embodiment the doctrines of liberty.

Washington valued God and religion, frequently uplifting their matchless and valuable roles in the United States of America. For instance, in the year 1789, when Washington signed the First Amendment into law the Northwest Ordinance, which asserts that, religion, morality as well as knowledge that is essential for good government and the joy of humankind, shall be forever promoted (Mann 117). On his first presidential Thanksgiving on October 3, 1789, Washington gave his proclamation to God for the many favors the country had received.

George Washington had very little formal education, had no knowledge of any foreign languages, and he had on no account traveled to Europe. Notwithstanding these shortcomings, he still tops the list of the greatest presidents even in the present day. Considering all that Washington has contributed to the prosperity of our great nation, he is worthy of the title “Father of our country.” His humbleness made sure that the nation was build to last.

In conclusion, George Washington was a truly great man who is worthy of the American citizens sincere thanks for the good job he did for the United States. There are quite a few U.S. presidents who have can be referred to as 'great' in support of the leadership and vision they portrayed throughout their service for the nation. George Washington led the United States during a time of profound national crisis, and the country came out stronger and more dedicated to its founding models. He was a good family man and leader who put the interests of his nation ahead of his personal ones, and this makes him be a legendary president.

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