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Substance AbuseEarl Simmons’ Substance Abuse Experience

The late Earl Simmons alias DMX had notable strengths and weaknesses, too. Alexander (2020) notes that DMX was vocal with his battle with addiction. Even though the media mocked his struggles to get sober, the rapper was persistent in his journey to recovery, and he tried time and again to ignorenegative tabloid headlines which judged his addiction problem (Alexander, 2020). The author also notes that the journey to recovery is difficult and long, and DMX kept going back to drug use because of personal weaknesses. He was a talented actor and rapper and had a large fan base. However, specific situations in the rapper’s life made his struggle with addiction worse. 

DMX suffered from crack cocaine addiction. According to the US Department of Justice, the drug is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that is prepared from the simple conversion process of powdered cocaine (Lynch, 2021). The drug is administered through the mouth by smoking. The rapper’s motivation to use the drug was his model rapper during his teenage years. Even though DMX regretted it later in his life, theidol introduced him to marijuana cigarette crack at the age of 14, taking advantage of the rapper’s trust and innocence (Lynch, 2021). Therefore, DMX’s life-long addiction pain started very early in his life

From the assessment of the rapper’s interviews, he derived his commitment to stopping to use drugs from the love of his family and loyal fans. According to Lynch (2021), DMX had a unique perspective of spirituality, and he would lyrically pray for his community through his songs. Nevertheless, the rapper challenged societal evils and he vowed to focus on his health to be a better entertainer, friend, and father (Lynch, 2021Alexander, 2020). However, his family and social history reveal possible mental disturbances during his childhood. Lynch (2020) notes that the rapper faced severe physical abuse from his mother, and he lost two front teeth in one instance. Nonetheless, the abuse commenced and DMX was forced to seek shelter in the streets where he was arrested and sent to juvenile detention centers. 

DMX showed notable co-occurring psychiatric disorder. Despite multiple incarcerations and juvenile detentions, he consistently showed risky behaviors. For instance, he almost lost his life to drug overdose in 2016. Additionally, he broke into the John F. Kennedy Airport parking lot and attempted to steal a car (Alexander2020)He was also arrested in many other instances for odd behaviors and parole violations. However, he checked himself into rehabilitation program and even canceled a mega 20th-anniversary tour to seek fdrug addiction treatment(Alexander, 2020)Even though DMX had many other concerts and tours lined up, he put them on hold to seek help with his addiction problem. 

In summation, even though the rapper had achieved tremendous success as a rapper and an artist, specific situations in the rapper’s life made his struggle with addiction worse. DMX suffered from a crack cocaine addiction, which experts consider as one of the most addictive and powerful stimulants. However, he committed himself to stop drug use owing to the love of his family, friends, and loyal fans. Throughout his addiction struggles, the rapper committed crimes like breaking into properties and other offenses. Despite the struggles, DMX eventually checked himself into a rehabilitation program to contain his drug addiction issues. Overall, the rapper is an inspiration to the people with drug addiction problems who want to turn their lives around.

Image Source: Alexander (2020) 




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