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Negative Effects of Black Market Trade

Statistics show that donor organs tend to less than organ transplants, which means that the demand does not meet the supply. The insufficient supply has led to the development of human organ trade in the black market that help facilitate these tra...Read More

~Posted on Mar 2018


Statistics show that donor organs tend to less tha...

Statistics show that donor organs tend to less than organ transplants, which means that the demand does not meet the supply. The insufficient supply has led to the development of human organ trade in the black market that help facilitate these transplants. Organ transplants in the black market is unsafe and unethical as it involves the monetary exchange of money for organs thus giving no regard for human dignity (Nullis-Kapp, 2004). This paper therefore seeks to understand the human trafficking as a whole.

In 2016, “45 doctors, nurses and middlemen were arrested because of their involvement in Human Organ trade in Egypt as migrants sold body parts to reach Europe. The health ministry of Egypt during this raid recovered millions of dollars that were used in these trade. I t was discovered that human organs traffickers targeted mainly African migrants who were in need of making their way to Europe” (Davies, 2016). The arrested suspected were the largest organ trafficking network in Egypt. The doctors were known to be operating in clinics while others were unlicensed. This arrest introduced the world to the group of unethical doctors whose intention was to take advantage of the need of treatments for patients who were suffering and thus exploited them.

Human organs trafficking exists in today world as it mostly operates in the black market. This trade is unhuman, violent and depicts the lack of ethics of persons involved in this trade. This means that a lot laws are broken in order for this trade to take place. The lack of organs for these traffickers means that the business is failing. This may lead to them resorting to violent ways in order to ensure that their business is running such as kidnapping and murder. Organs that are mostly traded include kidneys, liver that is organs that are used for the purposes of transplant

Human organ trafficking is an organized crime which means that involves parties such as doctors whether licensed or not, nurses, middlemen , contractors transporter and the recruiter, storage and the buyers who play an important role in facilitating the illegal trade of human organs .  My definition criteria is based on illegality, parties and activities involved. Without all this parties present it would be difficult to trade in human organs. Trafficking also involves looking for vulnerable persons that is they use migrants who are trying to get into America through offering of safe passage in exchange for organ donation. An underground black market ring have played a major role in human organ trafficking as it is the market place where the sellers and buyers of organs meet.

Persons in the black market are criminals as they conduct human trafficking without taking into consideration the state laws that state human organ trafficking is illegal. The organ donors are mostly immigrants and vulnerable who donate this organs in exchange of money or passage. These donors are vetted to ensure that they are healthy before donating their organs. The recruiter is the person who look for clients and donors and propose his dealings to them, that means that his buyers are also vulnerable, that is they are in need of these organs. Doctors and nurses are the people who take part in the harvesting of organs from the donors to the buyers without giving regard to ethics.

The transporter ensures that human organs that are harvested reach the buyers on time. Middlemen are the people who speak on behalf of their organization, that is they express their interests to their customers, this is individual can also be described as organ brokers and are criminals as they engage in illegal organ trafficking. Storage facilities of these organs play a significant role in organ trafficking, as it is the place that holds organs that are yet to be donated... Contractors are found in the market place as they ensure that transactions between the buyers and sellers are conducted which happens to be before and after the organ transplant.

The case of “45 doctors meets ,nurses, and middlemen  are arrested for Human organ trade in Egypt as migrants sell body parts to reach Europe“ meets my definition criteria for Human trafficking. This is through the following ways that human trafficking is illegal which is evidenced in this case they are arrested for engaging in human organ trafficking. “Doctors, nurses and middlemen” are the persons involved in facilitating of human trafficking as the doctors and nurses perform organ harvest and organ transplant and while middlemen facilitate this trade as they are the persons who speak on behalf of the recruiter. This case also portrays how the migrants facilitate this trade that is by selling body parts in order for them to reach Europe.

The case of “FIA Empowered to Curb Human Trafficking” (Tanoli, 2017) is similar to my case mentioned above. The similarity occurs from the fact that an organ ring network were arrested as means of taking action against these traffickers as actions have been taking by FIA to curb this trade. This means that these two cases highlight my definition criteria which is illegality of this trade. This means that countries have obtained legal cover in order to ensure that human organ trafficking is dealt with mostly through arrest and lengthy sentences. The human organ trafficking trade is all about commercialization of organs which happens to be unethical as it violates human rights and dignity. Both of this cases depict human trafficking trade as the exchange or trade of organs in the black market which indicates the activities associated with human organ trafficking trade and thus meet my definition criteria.

Human organ trade is illicit and unethical and should not be tolerated by our governments but should rather be curbed through the implementation of legislations to ensure that it is dealt with as it unsafe. Parties that undertake in human organ trafficking should be given lengthy sentences in order to discourage from engaging in human organ trade. Doctors especially should be stripped of their licenses to operate. The black market that facilitates this trade should be destroyed.


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