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People vary depending on how much genes affect their identity. There is a difficult for Individuals to construct their genetic identity. Genetics has numerous insightful implications for personal identity. Michaels defines identity as an individual’s sense of self, that is, the individual sense that describes who they are (2). The question as to how an individual establishes as well as maintains an identity is a complex one. If it is the genes that control the identity of an individual, how much of an individual’s identity is controlled by them? The genes completely control the identity of individuals in several ways.

Genes are significant aspects that influence the subject of identity of an individual, which is an intricate one. The identity of an individual consists of a myriad of internal or inner qualities that are determined by genes, as well as the external representation of self. It is comprised of many defining characteristics that provide the comprehensive framework of who one is at a given time. These parts of self comprise of our sexuality, gender, as well as sense of belonging t a specific culture, race, family, or religion.

Every person’s identity is controlled by the genes that one derives from his parents; father and mother. A person is likely to inherit the genes from his parents, which eventually makes up his identity. People are, therefore, likely to inherit genetic disorder such as Down’s syndrome from a parent who was suffering from the same disorder. This explains why individuals are not advised to marry from their families, as this will further propagate the disorders in the family, making it disastrous.

There is an advancement in scientific research of late is generating a principal change in the comprehension of inheritance, especially the inheritance of characters, emotions, as well as beliefs (Mozersky 30). Scientists have found out that an individual’s identity is passed from one generation to the next through one’s DNA. According to Michaels (12), the discovery of the hidden effects on the genes can have an influence on all the features of our lives. Research has provided proof that if one had grandparents who experienced famine or war, one’s genes carry that energy. One’s cells operates as one has experienced a similar trauma, influencing all aspects from of one’s life ranging from life expectancy to emotions, not on the basis of the current day. Therefore, this shows that something is not a choice if one is born with a particular identity character that already exists in the genes.

There are some parts of one’s personality that are determined by other factors. For example, the skin color of an individual may be determined by factors such as weather conditions. Historically, culture, religion, as well as ethnicity have been the principal factors that many people use in their decision concerning what their identity is. The religion of an individual is determined by where one is born in, as well as personal decisions. For instance, one may be born in a Christian family may at some age convert to Islam.

In conclusion, genes form a significant part of the identity of an individual. They are profoundly constitutive of the self. Therefore, people do not choose most of their identities, but genes dictate them. Our identities include the looks, beliefs, and personalities, which are at large, determined by the genes that we get from our parents.

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