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Dementia is a type of disability that results in declining of cognitive function. However, many argue it's not a disease it is a result of some injuries and illnesses. For someone to be considered as a victim of dementia the person must be mentally impaired in such way a brain cannot perform at least two of its functions. These functions of the brain include behavior, judgement, thinking and memory. This type of disability may lead to a person changing his/ her personality. The consequences may be severe or minor, and they can get worse with time because this disease is progressive. There are several causes of dementia which include toxins such as lead, brain diseases, for example, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.  A person whose metabolism is not functioning is also at risk of suffering from the condition. The dementia condition can be classified as reversible or treatable.

Dementia just like other disabilities is in the disability rights movement. This movement aimed to fight for people with disability and ensure they achieve equal treatment. It is because in the 18th-century people with disability were treated as minor and inferior. The disability rights movement has evolved with time. A campaign and awareness for people with disability have led to the passing of several acts to improve the lives of these people with disabilities. For some years people with dementia condition have been termed by the society as inferior, unfit and unable to serve the community. They were seen as abnormal and discriminated in the whole of their lives. Many families went ahead to hide these people. It is a result this movement for people with disability was formed for them to be given their rights. Dementia can be placed under the rehabilitation act of 1973 in the disability rights movement. This act fought for equal employment in the programs that were funded by the federal government and also similar job in the federal government still.  It was to ensure people who were impaired mentally and had physical disorders did not receive discrimination.

People living with dementia especially the elderly have many functional limitations. They are not able to take care of themselves for they are not able to maintain their self-hygiene. The person is not able to bath, eat adequately, and even dress properly. Also, the condition affects even the communication skills, and as a result, the person is not able to communicate appropriately. Dementia also makes a person very weak, and he/she can fall anytime. This disability also results in delusional disorder as in the person cannot tell what is right and what he is imagining. Change of personality is present with this condition. The society does react negatively to people who have dementia without trying to understand this disability.  The community does not want people who are not hygienic because they see this as the way to encourage diseases. As a result, these people are segregated, and the society does not to associate with them instead they spend more of their time in institutions set for them. As a result of delusional disorders, the community does not take into account any idea from this person, therefore, the person disabled from contributing to the society. The society also wants people who dress well. Thus, these people are disabled for not wearing correctly.

As a result of the disability rights movements, people with dementia have some of their rights recognized. The group has been able to access equal public transport as well as housing. Some fund has also been allocated to offer vocational training to these people. Equal educational opportunities have also tried to be provided to these people even if according to their nature of disability they can understand just a little. Regarding telecommunication services, these services are available. As a result of this movement, their living conditions have been improved.

Talking of the history perspective of this condition and movement several acts have been passed to cater for people with disability. They have been several campaigns for rehabilitation of these people as many were referring to this condition as a shameful condition and it required medical attention. Ever since then people have joined hand to fight for equal rights of these people. These people did not have access to telephones; they were not able to access public transport and also bathrooms. Other acts apart from rehabilitation acts have been passed in the disability rights movement. These acts include education act, American and disabilities law among others.  Currently, these people have equal access to public services, telecommunication services, and transport among other opportunities.

Ways that can be suggested to improve the rights of people with the disability include the setting of national plans to help recognize people with dementia and by doing they can be able to live with this condition for more years. It is because they are supported and diagnosed on time. These people should also be detained so that they are treated, cared for and assessed.  By doing this chances for hurting themselves or others are minimized. Rights of these people should be campaigned for by several support networks by raising awareness. Also, to reduce death and accidents once is attacked by this condition the person should stop driving. This is because they lose their memory and their judgement become impaired. In consideration they are not fit to drive.

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