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The word clutter puts many homeowners into a frenzy and panic mode. Everyone is against confusion and many would instead declutter the whole house till it has only the bare minimum. As you toss out everything, you end up losing some useful items. Well some of us are in love with the disarray that comes with the clutter. Those of us who have a panic attack when we imagine living without even one item in our worldly treasures.

Well, you can still have your possessions and again declutter your home. Declutter doesn't mean giving up all the items you have, and there are ways in which you can still declutter your home without throwing away anything.

1.    Start by grouping similar items together

When cluttering your apartment, it doesn't mean you have excess stuff at your place; it merely means the things in our house are wrongly placed. Categorizing of items and developing a systematic order of keeping stuff together helps in reducing clutter. Place the toiletries in one place, magazines in one pile, all gym t-shirts in a particular drawer, etc. You can label and them sort and store items depending on size or color.

2.    Store items close to where they are typically used

Declutter will require that everything gets a share of the space, but then, is the place where you place the item relevant to its use. Why put an object very far from where you use it, it's like having a storage place for your remote in your bedroom while the TV set is in the living room. It's more practical to store the laundry detergents near your laundry machine instead of in another part of the house far from the device.

3.    Making use of the walls

When you have horizontal limited space, then start using the vertical space. The walls can be used for additional hooking and shelving of books. Many of us assume that walls can be used to store items, which is a misconception till you have nowhere to hang a guest' coat except on the wall near the entrance door.

4.    Finding any hidden storage present in your furniture

Examine the furniture you have in the house, and check for possible spaces that can be used to store items. Does the coffee table have drawers that can be used to store some magazines? Underneath your bed and under the coach, how big is space and can something be fitted comfortable down there? Also when buying furniture look for furniture that has additional out of sight storage sections.

5.    Corral the cords

Those electric cables and wires from your device make your room look untidy. Find a way to arrange all the tangled cables, and it's recommended that electrical cables should be kept out of sight. Find a reliable host product that will assist in cleaning up the cords hence creating more space. You can get a cord box which will conceal the cables and chargers.

6.    Renting a close by storage facility

You might want to clutter but then lack enough space and you want to hoard some items. The best trick is to get a closeby the storage facility and store some of the things you don't use frequently. This method is constructive for storing seasonal items like clothing, holiday decorations, etc. These items are only used during a particular season and are very important, so having them is essential. Remember you don't need to throw any stuff away, contrary you need to have a perfect arrangement of the items you have in your apartment or house.

As you de-clutter, you can still keep those college priced possessions or that old autograph you got as a kid from a rock star.  Plan your space well, and you will have a neat house that is free of clutter.

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