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About John Dewey, the post-Deweyan pragmatists cannot keep the legacy alive. Pragmatism is the name of the unruly Native American philosophy which builds a blind spot in the pragmatic temper. Dewey presumes that nature is a plastic medium predisposed to human mastery and more so in an endeavour to dissolve the self into social circumstances. The pragmatist dissolutions of the themes by Dewey are compelling such that the assumption is something willing can render it real. Also, post –Deweyan pragmatists fail to keep the legacy alive because it emphasizes those philosophical theories should not only be tagged to practice but ought to be measured following their ability to guide practice. The implication is that recurring (West, The American Evasion of Philosophy: A Genealogy of Pragmatism) philosophical problems need to be discarded since they have no practical relevance. For instance, the American separation of powers plays a significant role in regulating the interests/desires which post- structuralisms perceive to be circulating via ruling moral regimes. For the legacy to be alive there is a need for re help to drive the desires. Further, the American Constitution is designed to regulate authoritative interpretation of the passion above.

The American pragmatism can meet the new challenges of the American century. The pragmatism is an experience which consists of inference such that through our experiences as an American people we are ae to interact with the environment and get data which is useful to meet people’s needs. Experiences and events give people exposure and shape their habits. Thus, we should not necessarily follow philosophers who are out to impose a significant difference between uninterrupted expertise and any inferential cycle which leads one to interpret what we go through as citizens. Pragmatism has undergone a revival since 1970’s to the 21st century whereby philosophers are willing to use ideas of classical pragmatists. The influence of American pragmatists reduced during the twentieth century. It expresses the hope of having future enlightenment and rich comprehension of experience and science. Pragmatism emphasizes the overall character if making inquiry and the urgency of taking into account of experiences of other pragmatists. Besides, it offers a basis for the defence of Americans democratic values. It provides the foundation for evaluation and criticism of institutions as well as conduct. American pragmatism meets the new challenges of the American century because the perception is different in the 21st century where democracy overrules philosophy (West, 2009).

American pragmatism will lose its footing in the new wilderness. It is a social movement and a source of mutual influence, assimilation, destruction, and wilderness. The American story continues to be a narrative of struggle among a radically different people via the principle of pluralism and a distinction between American culture, intuition-ism, utilitarianism as well as empiricism in epistemology. Pragmatism helped ease the cultural and economic transition in America enhancing modulates the relationship between its people and the corporate capitalism. American pragmatism mediates between the old and the new giving people a fresh insight. Further, Pragmatism will lose its meaning in the modern wilderness due to its limitations from the historical view, and one can only ask if the authentic and meant purpose of pragmatism in the world of philosophy had fulfilled its resolution.

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