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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O'Connor is a short story that is filled with ample pleasures. There are differing views of the underlying meaning in this short story. Most of this difference revolves around the act of touching the Misfit by the grandmother.


The prevailing sentiment is that the grandmother's last act was one filled with grace as well as philanthropy, which suggests that "A Good Man is Hard to Find" was composed to demonstrate a change in the grandmother as the story advances (Blake & Blake 179). First and foremost, she was more worried about resembling a good Christian than being a good Christian. This is indicated by her self-centred yearning to go to Tennessee rather than Florida and, all the more critically, by her endeavours to spare her own life, even as her family kept on dying around her- aggravated by the fact that in the event that she had kept her mouth closed, none of them would have been murdered. At last, she understands she has not driven a decent life and contacts touch her executioner, the Misfit, in a last act of elegance and philanthropy. Despite the fact that she comes up short, her endeavour is not lost on the Misfit, who comments that through bearing a steady of viciousness, she would have been a good woman.


A second popular view on the issue is that the grandmother's last act was not an act of philanthropy and that she is once more attempting to spare herself from being killed. Some say that Flannery O'Connor utilizes the reason as the grandmother's last "snippet of effortlessness" to spare the story from the slaughter and roughness (Hardy 3). It is additionally called attention to that when the grandmother touches the Misfit, declaring he is her child, he is wearing Bailey's shirt. Different assessments incorporate that it is opposing of her character or that she was essentially again attempting to spare herself and that her self-centeredness was never overcome all through the story (Coppola & Primas 135).


There is the phrase, "A great man is elusive," which is a plaint of the elderly, as they observe the world going to hell while in a handbasket. In any case, the idiom is additionally an article of confidence in a religious structure. Inside this interpretive plan, we are all liable and blemished, and remain in need of the transfiguring glories of silver-white daylight. A decent man is elusive because he kicked the bucket on the cross, or somewhere in the vicinity the story goes. After the auto comes in the trench, the kids shout, "We've had an ACCIDENT," importance the self-evident, i.e., we've destroyed our auto, however recommending something else, as well, to be specific that something has occurred that should not have happened, an entire succession of occasions, beginning with the grandmother's mis-remembrance of the white colonnaded house. Something there is that shouldn't be: an auto in a trench, whirling with red dust; relatives befuddled and frightened on the edge of a wood, and its assembling murkiness, with their retributions quick approaching.


In conclusion, Bailey, the grandmother's just child, and spouse and father and driver of the disastrous auto, over and again states with mounting apprehension, "We're in a situation." With pooch sense assurance, he smells The Misfit's malodorous nature and scents the decay he could call his body, and additionally the collections of his bound family, there in the forested areas. They're on the cliff of savage demise. However, Bailey is additionally underscoring the equivalent quandary that fills The Misfit's resistance. Bailey and his wife and his kids and his mother, every one of them, including us, are in The Predicament, as indicated by Christian classes. Possibly we go through Jesus as through a way to salvation, or we do not.

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